Malkovich is not hidden


The aim of the malkovich thing is to save private ideas (as a notebook), that your opponent cannot see. Unfortunately, your opponent just has to clic on “log out” to see all your malkovichs. It is therefore useless.
I suggest that OGS make malkovich things completely private until the end of the game, so that NOBODY but yourself can see it until that moment.


I am very sceptical of this. Since if somebody wants to cheat, they will find the way and ultimately they are only hurting themselves. I could imagine restricting it only to logged non-players. But ultimately it is futile endevour anyway.

This has been discussed several times before. For example: Malkovich log visible during game


That is incorrect.

The purpose of Malkovich is to allow a spectator game where people watching can see what the players are thinking. It is designed to allow even non-members (not logged in) to participate.

You are thinking of the “Private Notes” feature, which is requested but not implemented yet.


I’ve been using Malkovich as a Private Notes feature since I started OGS. I find it critically important to save variations I am considering in my Correspondence games as I play them. I was horrified yesterday to learn that all my opponent had to do was view the game while not logged in or with another user account. This literally makes the Analyzation Tool half as useful to me. Very sad :sob:.

Is there any update on the status of, or the importance of “Private Notes”? Also, is this front-end or back-end feature? It is no longer safe to save variations in a game that is in progress. I’m shocked that this isn’t a bigger issue for more players :scream:

It’s a back end feature.

Not a big issue because notes and viarations are not considered legal in real games nor good learning practices.

I do use both occasionally though:grinning:

I don’t see how “analysing notes and variations” is not good learning practice.

Actually we are advised to review our games as good learning practice.

Personally, I think it’s something that should be fixed. I too find it surprising that more people don’t care.


Whoever told you this was speaking heresy :scream:? Notetaking, critical analization, and self-analysis are foundational elements in self led education. Much of the Tsumego that we train ourselves with originated as the result of those very behaviors by someone along the way :hugs:.

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Actually, I don’t see the point in not hiding Malkovich variations. Because if someone wants to too share a variation, even a spectator, he can simply share the variation, without the Malkovich thing.
Of course, players will never on purpose show what they are thinking (except on teaching games), and will never use the Malkovich option either.
As it is, it can only be a trap for people who think it’s hidden (like Milsiphix1). I believe it should be hidden or removed from the game.
I think it’s a shame that there is no private notes, but I get used to it.

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I used to use analyzer a lot. In my experience, it creates lazy mind only. And it is not allowed in a real game. Again, I still do sometimes. It’s a useful tool to communicate review.

Feel free to use it, it does not bother me.:grinning:

Fwiw, since I stopped using analyzer frequently, my reading improved a lot.

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