Malkovitch protection, please!

still, you will not see whatever they answer to that until the game ends…
I dunno, to me it seems like the usability is very minor.

So is there a feature request out for this? Because I also don’t like that my Malkovitch log can be seen by other players before the game is over.

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That’s what Malkovich log is for: sharing your thoughts to espectators. So, it’s always an honor-based feature with your opponent.

What you are looking for is Private Notes, a different thing, not called Malkovich log. So, what we can do is request this feature, and if you want to share all those notes after the game ends, you can just copy-paste them on Malko or chat (you can even chose what to share and what not to share).

EDIT: Just for reference:

Sounds good to me. Is there a feature request for that?

(I suppose I should clarify that I wouldn’t care as much if the Malkovitch log was also hidden from non-logged-in sessions, so that if I logout from a game my comments are not public. But this also appears to be against the spirit of the log.)

Not yet

I’ve invited @anoek to this thread, maybe he’s interested in some ideas that have been mentioned here :slight_smile:


The Malkovitch is a fun feature, especially when there is a substantial audience, and it can also be instructive (similar to what Haylee does in her videos, though not necessarily on the same level). It was used to excellent effect in the series of games between @thought and @coleki a few months ago. The Malkovitch often sparks discussion among the spectators, making it rather like a big party.


Yeah - I like the party thing, and in that case it’s clear the observers should be able to see the log.

Is this party only applicable live? And does it have to be ranked? And do anonymous people have to be able to see it?

Those to me are the questions.

So that we could conceivably get to a place where you can have parties and you can have less temptation to just go and look at your opponent’s log in a ranked game.


Comments by both players and spectators are usually hidden from the players until the end of the game, so as not to influence their thought processes.[/quote]”

That’s really all that’s being asked for: solid hiding of the comments by both players from the players.

Is that were in place, then the implementation would serve both purposes well: real time malkovitch as per sensei’s and what you are calling “private notes”.

Note that if there was to be a “private notes” feature, “copy and paste into the chat” would not work - the comments would lose their content (what turn they were said in).

In contrast, the current Malkovitch implementation nails this already.


Nope. Malkovich implies messages being available for espectators. So, there’s gotta be an honor system there.

I’m not sure it makes sense to rely on an honour system for ranked games. So I could argue that Malkovitch with spectators should only be unranked.

But to be honest, I don’t really care about that - it’s up to the players to realise the risk and be happy.

The main point is that it’d be great to have a variant that isn’t visible to spectators during the game, so it could be used to serve the “private notes while playing” function. :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree that it would be nice to have a private notes feature added in. I just wanted to make clear that that’s not the purpose of the Malkovich log, and that the risk of opponent looking at your M log is a known risk, and one to accept.

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There’s a whole subforum on L19 for 1-on-1 Malkovich games:

The players and audiences are able to specify who can see their comments using hide tags (but yes, as @mlopezviedma pointed out, it’s always an honor-based feature with your opponent in this case)

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Yep, that’s where the M log comes from, resp. from L19’s predecessor, the GoDiscussions forum.

This L19 forum post explains how it came to life.

Proposing something realted here, that has been propsed in the past i believe. Instead of hiding malkovic entries from spectators, because it isnt used for the intended purpose enough, we should provide more incentive to play and spectate malkovic games.
a feature to bookmark games or follow users (who play malkovic games) would be very useful for that!

P.S. Just because the public nature of malkovich notes does not trouble me, i dont deny reasons for wanting strictly private notes. both should be possible.

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Here’s an old post that was created for that purpose:

And an OGS group was also created (quote from the post linked just above):


I’m probably getting irritatingly repetitive here, sorry for that, but … the biggest incentive you could provide is to ensure the opponent can’t see it during the game.

Just disabling logged out people from seeing it might suffice.

I would do a Malkovich log every time if this were the case.


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I think you’re missing his point. He’s trying to find a way to encourage kibitzing, not just use of the log.

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right. im sure making the log private or making it invisible to guests at least will make it more attractive for a number of people. by allowing easier kibitzing of correscpondence games, which are a lot, i was thinking about enhancing the value of the log for spectators. i believe more people would write a log if they knew that it was being read as well, not only if they knew it wasnt.

Right - but note that I am only saying it should be private from the opponent, not private from everyone.

This means that anyone who is logged in would be able to see it except the opponent.

So then it has value for spectators :slight_smile: