Match name not changed after I changed my usename

I do not want my username to be searched on Google, so I changed my username. It’s still showing my old username in other people’s match history as match name. Can someone fix this problem? Much appreciated.

Yes, it can. Ask a moderator.

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unfortunatelly I am not sure I fully understand the request. The account linked with this message has no games on the record as far as I can see.

The name has been changed successfully, it can stay the same on your screen for a while due to browser caching, simply logging of and on or pressing ctrl+f5 (on most common browsers) should reload the page disregarding any cache and thus updating the name to the latest form.

Let me know if there is somethig I missed.


I think they are asking about match names of the form “Player1 vs. Player2” which I assume are fixed at the time of game creation and might not be affected by a future name change? I actually have no idea how any of this works, just guessing from context.

(and if the linked account has no games, they may have some other account, which they might not want to share publicly here, but can link in a pm to a moderator)

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This is my assumption too. These names will not change automatically but can be changed by a moderator.

I can confirm this, OP has no public facing games, meaning any games that do exist are all private and the name is not indexable by Google or anything else.

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My assumption is that it’s not changing name procedure (keeping the same account) but opening a new account. If the OP can confirm?