Mic function on the Private and Invited-only game

so the teacher can discuss with the student via voice rather than only typing.

what do you think?

I heard some do it using an external software (Skype like) at the same time.
Integration could be even better, but not sure OGS wants to manage this. (Costly I guess).

Another thing is that the objective is to be international and it may be harder to get the same quality for sound and for a game with long distance?

I think it’s feature bloat and should be left to other software that does a better job than OGS with its limited development resources could do.


I remember this feature was available on KGS? Does it still have it?

Yes, teacher accounts (I have one) on KGS can use audio and observers in the game listen to it (in the downloaded client, the browser web client is flaky with audio, bear that in mind for OGS which is pure browser-based). It’s one-way only, teacher talks, students listen, suitable for lectures, students can’t talk back. But it dates from the early 2000s which was an age ago in the evolution of the internet. It uses a highly specialised codec optimized for human voice, which means it works on 56k dial-up modems. Back then there was no Skype, Discord, Teams, Youtube, Twitch etc etc. These days people typically have broadband connections, and often the teacher will want video as well as audio. So rather than OGS trying to build Discord/Twitch etc as part of OGS, people can just use those well-established battle-hardened pieces of software with 100s of developers and testers, as many teachers do already.


I agree but it got me wondering if there couldn’t be some kind of integration like OGSTV. Linking your Skype/zoom whatever account somehow and having a button or something to make it work/call the opponent (who would have also linked accounts) in a pop out or window over the chat box or something.

I have no idea and am definitely not a software person.