Missing Go image


I have seen a drawing/painting long ago, depicting a Go board and a man lying down on top of it with his head cut off, and another guy standing over him with a sword. I guess the second guy was… unhappy with how the game was going.

I got the impression that it was an old painting, but it need not have been. It did seem similar in style to old Asian paintings.

I have tried to do web searches for this image, but I’ve had no luck. Does anyone here know about such a painting?

Thanks in advance

Here is a big collection of paintings about go:

I don’t recall that specific image but I could have missed it. That’s an interesting thread anyway.


If you search Google Images with search terms like

woodblock japanese art goban sword

you might find it.

Good luck, however it might be


I don’t remember all the posts in there, but maybe this thread can help you

It’s a great thread anyway.


As quickly mentioned above, it’a one of the goworld couverture. In this same magazine you should find a few words on the origin and references of the picture.

Or maybe I could post a question in the “Forums” part of a popular Go site, and hope someone else would do the hard work for me? :joy:

Sorry, I don’t understand. I looked at the links above and did not find the picture I was looking for. Are you saying it is there?

I m saying the picture you describe seems to be a couverture of one of a magazine called goworld. You can buy digital copy or find some 2d hand. It’s a very interesting magazine besides this.
I’m no expert on these paintings but i remember that what you describe is a reccurent theme many times used in some old painting. It’s possible that the one you saw is not on goworld afterall.
In this topic as mentioned you have some of these couverture. Just scroll down.