Multiple accounts

Hi! A few moments ago, I was looking through the games started listing in chat, and decided to look at a couple of games. It turns out the two were listed as different players in chat but the same player in profile. Is it ok to have more than obe account?

You can change your name on ogs. But messages you’ve sent before won’t change, so you’ll see the previous name.

OK so the answer is yes, it is fine to have multiple accounts.
Second question: You could play yourself under those conditions. Is it good?

Do you have a link to this game? a single player can not play themselves in a game. We’re fine with multiple accounts but we’ll limit the number of new accounts you can create. We also consider it abuse of the system if you create an account with an incorrect rank for your level which can be subject to corrective action.

Playing against yourself can be beneficial. I recommend using a demo board for this purpose so you can freely explore moves and ideas while trying to determine best play. I suppose you could play two accounts against each other to simulate time pressure. But do mark the game unranked. Playing ranked games against yourself will raise suspicions of rank manipulation, which may result in corrective action.

No I didn’t get a link since I didn’t join the offering. mark5000 let me know this is a known bug so Im moving on… ty :smile: