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Groovy & Soft Kpop
Giriboy - Sooljalee (술자리) (Let’s drink)





Mark Knopfler – Brothers in Arms


An die Musik D.547 - FRANZ SCHUBERT (1817); text Franz von Schober

Fritz WUNDERLICH, Lyric Tenor

Plácido DOMINGO, Tenor

Dietrich FISCHER-DIESKAU, Baritone; Gerald Moore, piano; 1960’s recital

Hans HOTTER, Bass-Baritone; Gerald Moore, piano; 1949

Elisabeth SCHWARZKOPF, Soprano; Edwin Fischer, piano; 1952

Victoria DE LOS ANGELES, Lyric Soprano; Gerald Moore, piano; 1957

Christa LUDWIG, Mezzo-Soprano; Geoffrey Parsons, piano; 1961

Kathleen FERRIER, Contralto; Phyllis Spurr, piano; 1949

Gerald MOORE, Piano; Arrangement by Gerald Moore, Farewell Concert at which Schwarzkopf, de los Angeles and Fischer-Diskau performed,1967


Another one by Ananda Shankar (see also #16 here)


Music of my early youth … S. Hazara Singh … full album, I loved it then, and I still love it now.


Five years later … 1973, I was sixteen meanwhile, and so in love with Asha Puthli, just because of her music.


For those who enjoy crippling depresions
or if your group is dying


I need to share this also, it was my favourite … S. Hazara Singh again


Ah, one more, pls :bear: with me :wink:


Kishore Kumar – Roop tera mastana

(I’m sorry, it’s cut off near the end :frowning: )


And one more by Kishore Kumar … I find some similarities to another well-known song, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was.


OK, I found the original of the above song :slight_smile: It’s a song by Alexandra, a wonderful German singer who sadly died much to young, in a car accident … this song is from 1967, here in a live version from 1968, the year when I had to return to Germany. (Oops, too chatty again :wink: )


Sagi Musume - 鷺娘 - The Heron Maiden - Kabuki nagauta - 1762
Onnagata (female-gender role specialist): BANDŌ Tomasaburō V
English Commentary: Paul Griffith

  • In the middle of Winter at a frozen pond the spirit of the heron appears, solitary and silent. Transforming into a young maiden in love, the dancer expresses the joy of love. Her love is a short one and the dance moves into sadness and jealousy. The mood darkens and the the spirit of the heron returns. She dances frantically, depicting the torments of hell and pleading for pity. As she collapses, the dance ends. (see * for more)

  • About the artist: Designated a Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Property (aka “Living National Treasure”) in 2012. Japan Times - Encyclopædia Britannica - Kabuki 21 - Cast as Prince Myshkin and Nastazja in Wajda’s “Nastazja” (1994), etc., etc.

  • Poem

  • *Brief history and summary of the dance

The dance can be viewed as a one part, no frills, 26 minute video (below) or in three parts at a site where the owner embedded 10 minute segments of the video in three pages and gives lyrics in Japanese and Romanji.
Sagi Musume [鷺娘 part1] (鷺娘/) - 鷺娘 part 2 - 鷺娘 part 3

Sagi Musume - 鷺娘


Bob James – Westchester Lady


Bob James – Women of Ireland


Steely Dan – Rikki don’t lose that number

(flashbacks into my youth)