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psychedelic/progressive rock
Kingston Wall - Shine On Me


I love electronic music. Ever played Geometry Dash? The beats are just sick but you can only listen to the songs when you are able to beat the levels. There is actually a new game just like GD with sick music called Wire.


I really don’t know how to classify this band (wikipedia says folktronica, so, I guess?). Anyway, the instrument is just amazing (too bad it broke down).

Wintergatan - Marble Machine


Flashback to my early teens, some music that blew my mind:






And finally, something totally different:

Man — “Revelation”, also blew my mind … full album

From the YouTube page:


I’m sorry for the sad note of the video. Though I’m young it does make me emotional.

A ballad:
Randy Newman - Losing you.


Melodic death metal


Sleaford Mods, Jobseeker
electronic minimal punk hop rants for the working class


CollegeHumor - The Irrationally Long Number Pi Song (“Sweet Number Pi”)




@Aten I wish you didn’t hijack this thread for yourself, posting hundreds of songs at a time as if you were the only one person in the world.
In truth is quite annoying, I come here wanting to hear what music other people like but—Nope!—it’s just you two hundred times over.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to mute other users in this forum, so, meanwhile, a little consideration would be nice.


I’ll just leave this here a fly away for a while:


Since the groundrules of the topic have been violated to create a public debate/conversation when a message would do better, a reply here is justified:

  1. The topic was created May 2016, say about 465 days ago. It has 330 posts. That’s about 0.7 songs per day. Looks to be about 330 - 56 - 98 = 176 mine. I think the number of views has increased by about 4000 over that time. Plenty of chances for others to post, right? I’d suggest that 1 song per day is super low given number of users, views and music in existence. Anyone who wants has 135 posts + 1 each new day to get the average up to one a day.

  2. My posts have all been curated. In many cases I went to a good bit of effort selecting the piece, finding unusual, unique, live vs. album cuts, and evaluated different recordings. Maybe the effort should have been noted. One example: 9 soloists from bass to soprano and piano for An die Musik; that was finding all the vocal ranges, selecting the artist - I knew some to look at - and choosing a particular performance. Maybe not all stuff to folks’ interests. Probably greater range than all other stuff; sorry for overly eclectic tastes.

  3. I really hoped for others to fill in the huge gaps in my awareness but was not satisfied with the results. And I am impatient.

  4. I wish there were an easy way to keep a table of contents for it.

  5. If you like, maybe admin can extract all of them and make it into a new topic that can be ignored. That’s cool with me. To be honest, I’d love that!

  6. No one has stopped others from picking up the slack.

  7. How much of what I put up is a new song to you? Most is good stuff, like it or not. A limited range of interests is unfortunate. Mine aren’t that arcane. Not a little was a new listen for me even for known performers or composers. In a way, I was hoping to turn up a few pearls for myself and others.


I don’t think a message would do better. Your behavior is public, and so is my complaint.

I guess you just admitted to amounting to more than 50% of this thread, but never mind. You don’t seem to be aware of your own excess. Maybe I’m biased, because I’ve seen you behave strangely—to say the least—on other threads as well.

I’ll omit points 1 through 5 because, quite honestly, all of that is irrelevant. Well, maybe not, maybe patience is exactly the point. There’s no shame on letting a thread die if people lose interest in it, but killing it yourself? That seems a bit counterproductive. Who would want to post anything at all, if they know their post would get buried in 10 or 20 of yours?

As for your last question, since you directed it to me, I’ll answer. The answer is, I don’t know, I don’t care. As soon as I see the post is yours, I just move on. It’s not about the quality, some of those performers I like myself, but the monolithic aspect of this just bores me. Also “most of it is good stuff”?? I guess I’ll then post my 500+ playlist here and simply declare it as “good stuff”. That will certainly do.

Edit: I’m sorry, I’ve not had the best of days today. I think I directed some of my frustration at you, which was very unbecoming. Even though I already 1 upped on this, I don’t want to pick up a fight.

Arguing over the internet is usually pointless. All I ask you, and I do so without animosity, is to consider that other posters will also want their share of attention, and so please try not to cast a shade over them.

My apologies if I provoked you any bad feeling. Have a good day.


Bossa Nova sung in Japanese language.

Pink Martini & Saori Yuki - Mas que Nada!