"Names" lines for games from public events

Right now there is, per notification, a China vs Russia event game going on again.
Now the player names are just OGS handles though, so people have to rely on chat (or external research) to find out the actual names and ranks of the people playing.

I propose the addition of a small “extra info” text field below the OGS handles of the players where they can voluntarily share their irl information for public events like this. If no info is shared, these text fields would not be shown, hence not cluttering the UI.

Similarly this should work for relays done by someone for games played irl that are transcribed on OGS.


This already exists:

And there is the profile description as well.

Point is, of course, whether professional players actually use this info. It seems the majority doesn’t.

I guess the wish is to display real names in-game if players have them set (I personally don’t think this is necessary, but perhaps they could be shown when you click a players name, so you don’t have to go visit their profile to check - I don’t believe this is how it works currently?).

There is also the separate questions on how to handle relays, where a single account is using a demo board (I think here one can easily input player names when creating the demo?) and also games between non-personal accounts (an earlier game in the Russia-China match was xxxx1 vs xxxx9, presumably just part of a batch of accounts setup to make it easy for the players to play on OGS without setting up their own account). This latter situation could benefit from a field where player names can be set on a per-game basis, but this situation is probably too niche and not worth complicating the UI for. So here a clear message at the top of chat might have to do.