Navigating movetree with arrowkeys

It’s annoying to navigate the movetree with arrowkeys as it doesn’t remember where you came from. If you click on a variation and start to go back to see the moves one by one. If you go “behind” the start of the variation and then start to go forward again it will continue to go forward in the main"branch" and not to the variation branch that one just came from.


I’m curious, do you have any useful suggestions? Is there an implementation out there that does something better?

Yes both Eidogo and kgs/cgoban remember which branch you are on. This is a really nice feature, especially when going forwards and backwards through a joseki encyclopedia.

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The current behavior was actually a feature requested from folks who specifically didn’t want it remembering which branch you were coming from since they found their normal pattern was to back out and usually then either create a new branch to explore or to continue along the main branch. I think their primary use case was doing reviews though, not exploring joseki, which I could see the current behavior as being particularly annoying.

So, I guess I’d like to poll the community a bit and see how folks feel about it… anyone still in favor of the way it currently operates?

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I vote in favor of remebering the branch. Although, if it was implemented, it would be nice to have a “Return to Game” button (even during reviews) that would pull you back to the move where you diverged from the main branch.

As a side note, does this forum system have any sort of polling capability instead of a buch of “Me too!” posts? Maybe you could create two posts, and people could “favorite” the option they prefer.

I made a poll. You can actually see the link next to anoek’s post, but it’s not especially obvious so here it is again:

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Awesome, thanks KillerDucky :slight_smile:

@nispio turns out there is! learned how to do it tonight :slight_smile: I put instructions in the Welcome to the Online Go discussion furom thread in case you’re curious

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