Negative imagery on the unfriend button?

I feel that the frowny face :frowning: emoji on the unfriend button implies negative sentiment from the unfriender to the unfriendee.

A lot of the time, though, people just need to trim their friends’ list down because there are too many “acquaintances” cluttering it and obscuring the actual “friends”, and don’t mean those acquaintances any ill-will.

Is there a more appropriate icon?


Also, the way that it’s grouped in the red colour with the Block and Report buttons, which definitely do convey negative sentiment, also makes the unfriend button seem needlessly, well, unfriendly.


How about a “goodbye wave”? :wave:


This looks a lot more neutral or even friendly. Compare to the current




I agree with your proposal, but the sentence here was so hilarious. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



…can’t say I do… seems entirely counter intuitive.

This I do agree with.


You mean you like the sad face emoji or you’d like something that expresses unfriending more intuitively? :facepunch:, :fu:, :broken_heart:


What about :man_shrugging:?



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Perhaps the sad face could be changed… but not to something friendly or neutral…

The point is for it to be intuitive to find, not trying to assign how unfriending should feel.

I have never been a fan of pushing the positivity. I don’t mean that I don’t like positivity or don’t think that positivity shouldn’t be spread.

Just that these cases remind me of situations where people are like… “Oh that tv show is to imposing on my child so I must call down to the company and change it so it no longer imposes on my child” I guess I see this as “Everyone is gonna perceive it as negativity so we must change it quick before somoene takes offence!”

The idea of unfriending is suppose to be unfriendly that is why its called unfriending.

Frowny face could be a better looking frowny face though :wink: I actually also like the waving icon though. I wouldn’t really perceive it as neutral or less negative I would just perceive it as an icon attached to a button that unfriends because its a button and an icon that should not effect weather I feel positive or negative.


I like :footprints:

I don’t see why BHydden thinks that unfriending has to be a negative action.

Suppose I give someone a teaching game, for instance, and they send me a friend request which I accept, and that this happens thirty times in the course of one year.

If I began with fifteen actual friends on the list, then by the end of the year only 1/3 of that list are people who I’m going to be regularly talking to, and I’ll constantly be receiving noise about people who are online who I’m probably not going to seek out to interact with.

So, why is it a :frowning_face: action to remove such people from the friends’ list? I’m not angry with such acquaintances. They haven’t offended or upset me. I’m not making a :frowning_face: expression as I press the button. Why make it appear like that’s the case?


In think the problem is that people think friend means friend but nowadays it can easily also mean “some rando off of the internet”

It represents astonished face of unfriended. Because with clicking that button you’re betraying your friendship.


It doesn’t have to be a negative action but unfriending is generally suppose to be a negative action. But, friending also doesn’t have to be a positive action. Obviously positivity over negativity. But, things get psychotic when we start neutralizing everything and every situation and everything we possibly can.

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You didn’t even have a friendship to betray though…

More emojis
:no_good_man: :no_good_woman:
:broom: :roll_of_toilet_paper:
:no_entry: :no_entry_sign:


Some other suggestions



I like the current duality of “Add friend” being a smiling face and “Remove friend” being a frowning face.

So how about a “+” for add friend and an “x” for remove friend? :slight_smile:



These symbols are a lot easier to parse at this small size compared to the faces:
(I need to lean closer towards my screen to see that sad face)


:no_entry_sign: already stands for Block.

@yebellz On game servers, :crossed_swords: is widely understood as Challenge.

I quite like :broom:, actually. It represents tidying up the list.


Or hitting the ex-friend with a broom? :sweat_smile:


BTW, I did some cleaning in my friend list. :innocent:

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