New bug for smaller boards?


Just adding a little information: I assume most people are not using Firefox. Resizing the window fixes the scale, but the colors are very wonky too.


I use firefox and don’t have this specific symptom.

Same issue but with any sized window. But any window size change fix issue until refresh page or switch to another board.
If game started when tab was inactive there is no issue until refresh page or board switch.
Google Chrome Version 101.0.4951.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

An it is very annoying while playing multiple correspondence games

Are the colors new? I’ve seen that issue in the past, and it is related to Firefox fingerprint thwarting.

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Yeah, I’ve never had this problem before. It started right after the recent server reset, at the same time as the resize problem. I mostly play 9x9 games, and I haven’t investigated larger sizes since then. I use Firefox almost exclusively on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

My bad! I turned the privacy fingerprinting thing on with my laptop, and apparently that synced to my desktop. So yeah, the colors are related to Firefox’s fingerprint thwarting.

Bummer, because I’d like to use that feature.

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I believe there is a workaround: see Activating Firefox "privacy.resistFingerprinting" breaks Board · Issue #1429 · online-go/ · GitHub

Also, it’s the canvas images that Firefox hates, so if you switch to the “Plain” stones instead of realistic ones, the fingerprint resistance won’t happen either.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.55.20 PM


The problem is worse than before, but it started four months ago…

It’s been causing problems when trying to review a smaller board size for a few months.

It can impact Chromium-based browsers I believe, which is what I use.

See more info here:

FYI found the cause of the resize issue, and the fix is in review now. Thanks @Gooplet for the detailed report!



I’m sure you already know, but it can happen in reviews in addition to during active games.

That works! Thank you.

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Bug seems to be already solved for me, at least for the active games I’m in.


Thanks! Back to normal. I was flipping through my games this afternoon and had already completely forgotten this was an issue at all until visiting the forums :see_no_evil:


What if I told you that it is not solved for me? (I thought I wrote this :sweat_smile:)


Any details about how you get to this page? Does the problem persist if you refresh?


By starting a live game, but not always. I’d say 1 out of 4 approximately from what I saw yesterday.
Both as a creator and by accepting games from others. I didn’t try the automatch.
It doesn’t persist if I refresh.

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Thanks @_Sofiam that helps a lot. I’ll take a look tonight!

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Since this problem doesn’t happen for most of us, this sort of bug report benefits from your specifying some details: what type of device? what operating system? what browser? version of browser? width and height of screen in pixels?

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