OGS telling me my visualization skills need practice

A not so subtle way of OGS telling me that I really need to practice my visualization skills?
We are 4 moves in.

[newest firefox version, windows10]

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did you try refreshing your page before resigning?

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I mostly thought it was funny :slight_smile: yes refreshing worked, thanks


I’m experiencing this bug also and, recently, it’s worse than before.

To workaround, I sometimes have to adjust the window size AND refresh. This certainly started with the update about four months ago. But was there a recent update?

This is board size thing with seems to effect smaller board sizes more, or maybe it’s just because smaller board sizes don’t necessarily take up the entire screen. There is a similar bug that happens every single time when reviewing smaller board sizes.

I use a Chromium-based browser. I’ve also heard this can happen on Firefox and Chrome.