New Huge Rengo Match

I really liked the idea of the huge Rengo match Sofiam started! Sadly with the current options it’s rather unlikely for such a match to finish. Maybe if we start an open Rengo match, where everyone who wants to participate can do so, but has to write a short message under a forum post like “I’m in” or whatever - we could still end up with a huge match, but with mostly rather active people and it would be more likely to work out? :slight_smile:
Do you like the idea? Is someone willing to create the match? :slight_smile:


In my opinion, it is better to wait for further fixes before trying to repeat such a thing, but if it is done I am there and (eventually) I can also create it.



Some sort of fix for this is next on my list.

I’m heading in the direction of investigating per-player clocks, and disabling resign for all but the current player.

We may also make sure we can tell who resigned easily (whether or not it is the current player).

More far-fetched wold be concensus resign. That would swing in the opposite direction of players refusing to resign.


I really like the per-player clock idea. It seems to fix most problems


The current player can still ruin the game, then, though…

If players can leave the game (and perhaps the owner can add new players), then people refusing to resign shouldn’t be a big issue.


Resign need a bit of consensus at least 2 or 3 people of the same team. That’s the way i think to avoid abusive resign


Yes … what could we do about that, other than concensus resign … equally frustrating?

Or maybe not … at least concensus-resign leans in favour of keeping the game going, and with per-player clock you can drop if you are exasperated …


I’ve stopped putting things on the list while I’m thinking about per-player-clock but … I’ll put that on the list :smiley:

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Ok following this idea:

someone want to resign, click resign.
Message on his screen: waiting for approval

Choice on the partners screen
X proposes to resign yes/no

After 3 yes or 3 no (or majority simple?)

message resignation accepted (or refused)

with 3+ players in a team: have a team captain with resign powers, selected by the game creator at team selection. individual players still have a resign/withdraw button that removes them from the team and game.

for 2 player teams, can work it as is now, or have consensus resignation

Something to consider along with per player clocks.

Resigning removes you from the match. Posts to chat ‘Maverick resigned’.

The match continues with remaining players. If the last remaining player on a team resigns, the team resigns.



For rengo with small teams (especially 2vs2) I’m afraid that the options to continue the game with one less player or to modify the teams may result in disagrements because of lack of consistency and change of the balance between the teams.

I can understand it’s less a problem with 88 players at the start.

I am not sure we can define something workable to any size, and if not then to fix the limit between small and large rengo.

Besides i personally don’t like the idea to split the time allocated between members of the team, i prefer players to assume his responsability vs the team and this is part of the charm too. But same, there could be a difference made between small and large rengo (ot a difficult consensus to reach)

Side note: the discussion could be moved to the topic it belongs…


I continue to believe we need two systems, to address two different intended designs:

  • A serious option, designed with balance and fairness in mind. This needs to keep shared clock, each team being responsible for its time as a team, and timeout or resignation shall mean defeat.

  • A fun option, designed above all to allow the game to continue regardless of unbalance or other considerations. Here we can provide split clock, and arrange for a timeout to only remove the concerned player without impacting the game. We can also allow the organizer to kick or switch people around during the game.

Of course we can also be even more modular than just two options, but we don’t want settings overload either.


Could add the automatic calculation of handicap in the first option.
And some different names? Classic / free?

I’d like to maintain the option to play an even game too, but I’m sure others would appreciate Auto handicap

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Yes, I think this is the solution. Rengo and Rengogs for the ogs version of Rengo…

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The main solution I had in mind is to make per-player clocks an option.

Per-player clocks go with “the game continues when a player times out” : the less serious style

Per-team clocks means that when it runs out the game ends.


Thank you ! I think we also need to deal with resignation given that’s how Sofiam’s game met its end.

  • Serious option : per-team clock, defeat if time-out, resignation by any player ends the game.
  • fun option : per-player clock, player exit if time-out, and some appropriate solution which avoids termination by resignation.

For this last point I’m still on the fence as to the best solution… Though resignation is altogether less important since players who want out can just time-out.

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In the case of per-player-clocks, in my opinion resignation of one player should be handled in the same way as one player timing out.