New Interactive Tutorial for Beginners

Together with a couple of friends we have created a new online interactive tutorial (which we felt was still kind of lacking in the western countries). If you will, check it out here: I would be very grateful for any constructive feedback (especially from beginners).

Our main concerns were:

  • As complete as possible. Yes, the texts are longer which not everyone will like, but that’s okay (for those wanting super-fast introduction without explanations, there are already other tutorials).

  • Absolutely mobile friendly

  • Tracks your progress without any need for registration

  • Interactive puzzles with full explanations and refutations (so beginners can see why a move would not work), quizzes with reviews on what you got wrong.

  • Translation ready (for maybe one day…). If it ever comes down to translating the thing to other languages, it should be not much harder than editing markdown files and .sgfs.

It is a first release and obviously I am hoping to further improve the whole thing content-wise (especially – but not limited to – the third section), and code-wise (clean up to make it faster and quite possibly fix many bugs), but thought it far enough to seek new ideas and opinions. Thank you!


While there’s still room for improvement, I would nonetheless, like to see this site added to under the ‘Learning Resources’ heading.


I reckon @BHydden will be delighted to assist with that :smiley:


Yep, I’ll get a PR up for it this week.


I’m very thankful, as an eternal 30k, for the guide, and I’ve already started it.

If I may offer some feedback, I find the font a bit difficult to read on screen. I’m sure mobile version looks great (insert unrelated rant for all sites focusing on mobile version and looking an endless desert of white with sparse text on PC, sorry, moving on), but on my laptop screen it is a bit difficult to make out the letters and a bit tiring. From my usual distance from my screen, I can barely read anything (I wear my glasses :slight_smile: ).


What can I say, mobile is the new black :man_shrugging: :smiley:

Thank you, and let me know how it goes or if you encounter something too confusing or not understandable.

Regarding the text, just to be clear, do you think they are just too small, or the font itself is a problem? I like sans - serif fonts and actually find them more pleasant to read (and am scared to change it now)… But if it really was a problem I guess I would consider it.

For now it might at least help to use ctrl and plus to increase the page size.


The size is not really a problem, it’s mostly the font, I’d say it’s actually the contrast.

Especially the green text (the extra info bits) it’s really the worst for me, that gradient effect.


Awesome work!

Just raced through it … and I have two things I want to mention:

The Iron Pillar … I’m not 100% sure but doesn’t this term only apply if the lower of these two stone is on the 3rd line?

And for places where to ask questions: I’d appreciate if could also list Go (Baduk, Weiqi) Players on Facebook :slight_smile:


There’s nothing wrong with sans serif per se, but the verticals are very thin, and offer poor contrast for olde eyeballs.

The same font in bold is just fine. Switch to something a little heavier and all should be fine.


Never thought it would, but never really bothered to find out. Does anyone know?

I am ashamed. Appologies. I have added it immediately.

I have added 100 “grams” to the font. Hopefully, it might be a good compromise between the light feel I like, and actual readabilty. Let me know if it helped :slight_smile:


Big difference! Thanks!


Sensei’s Library says “iron pillar, a solid connection of two stones, mostly directed from side to centre.”

However, their two visual examples only show stones on the 3rd and 4th line, which supports trohde (I too thought this was the case and have only heard the term used in such locations) but SL worded it much more vaguely *shrug *

EDIT : how the hell did I miss that trohde had already included the same link??? This is what I get for commenting before coffee *smack head *


Ah, no need to be ashamed, or for any apology—you’re doing something big, and I assume your head is full with even bigger things :slight_smile: Thanks for adding it! :heart:


My geriatric eyeballs find the new version better. :slight_smile:


Nice website! Really great to see more beginner content!

Minor bug: in lesson 01, the first widget for playing around with placing stones will pop-up an error box for “Illegal move: Cannot play on existing stone!” when clicking on some places off of the board, such as along the top and bottom edges where the letter coordinate labels are. This happens even when the board is completely empty.

Some other typos: in the rulesets page:

  1. The komi for NZ rules should be 7.
  2. The komi for ING rules should be 8 (but black wins ties, so draws are not possible).
  3. The ING rules also have different ko rules, which might be difficult to explain succinctly.

Heh, never noticed that. Not sure I will be able to fix that, it is a third party library :confused: but we’ll see. But thank you either way, let me know if you find more :slight_smile:


The site is awesome, @AdamR. It’s very well done.

I found this typo here ( “…when not protected, just because there is so much stones to atari.” -> “…when not protected, just because there are so many stones to atari.” I think.


hahahahaha almost forgot :wink: getting onto this now

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Also, there are a handful in the pro game walk-through. I can make notes of them if you’d like, @AdamR.

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