New thinking time options

The new system for imputing thinking times into a challenge is convenient, but it is quite restrictive to fisher time main time/increment combinations. Why isn’t it possible to play with fisher time limit of 5 minutes with a 5 second increment (my favourite time setting for small boards) or 30 minutes with a 10 second increment (which certainly qualifies as a live game since it is allowed for European rating class B tournaments). It seems as a step back restricting possible time limits this way. Could you please allow more combinations of time and increment?

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Hi @tiger314, thanks for the input. We’re certainly open to updating these - I’d love some more discussion around some appropriate time boundaries for the different speed classes. Anyone else care to weigh in?

EGF has some stuff about how they calculate “Adjusted Time” here:

Fischer increments feel at least 2 times slower than the equivalent Byo-Yomi periods. So Fischer 10s is similar to Byo-Yomi of 20-25s. So you should be able to pick much faster ones than for Byo-Yomi, down to ~5s. I’d rather just have the old type in a number you want, but my hack at options for Fischer would be something like:
5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30.

I would also allow for regular Byo-Yomi to go down to 10s.


I don’t really care too much whether 5m+5s is blitz or live, most important for me is being able to play with this time limit.
When you take a 10 second increment and multiply by the approx. 150 moves in a game (considering 19x19) by one player you get an added time of 25 minutes. I think you really cannot call that blitz. 5 seconds seems like a border between blitz and live, with main/initial time deciding. 3 seconds is probably likely to be firmly in blitz zone. But every player surely has a different opinion when it comes to time limits.


I’ve updated the settings to add these in, thanks guys :slight_smile:


I vote to change the default for Live Fischer to be 2+:15s instead of 2+:30s. A 30s increment in Fischer is extremely slow.

It looks like the Blitz Fischer and Byo-Yomi defaults are backwards. Increment for Byo-Yomi is 5s and for Fischer is 10s. Swapping them should give good values.


Thanks :smile: