New TNL Cycle Starts November 1

Hi all,

Signups for Nova League are now open for the 6 week cycle beginning November 1st.

Information is here:

And here: The New Nova League. Reopening June 15

This last is up to date in most respects.

What is TNL you ask?

It’s a league! It’s a ladder! You play 4 live games with the nearest rated players over a period of 6 weeks. Reviews and teaching games are encouraged and rewarded with recognition and little icons you can paste into your OGS profile. You can make OGS-Friends with other obsessive online Go nerds. It’s fun and fantastic! Join today!**

*** Only if you intend to fully participate and play all of your games.*

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So where is the “bulletin” that the notice at the Nova group page keeps referring to? It is said that the time settings are found in the updated bulletin, but for the life of me I can’t find this bulletin. Help!?

I presume it is here, on the group homepage:

Hey @DrQuantum,

The bulletin can be found on our group’s page. There is an area with large text and announcements :smile:

And thanks @baelofoax! You beat me to it as I am typing this response :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers, xhu98

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Ok. I guess I thought maybe there was more than just that post. :smile: