The New Nova League. Reopening June 15



###Sorry that the hairline subtitles are a little hard to see due to the forum’s resolution downscale! Let me know if there are any further concerns/questions! :smiley:

###~Cheers, xhu98

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nice work, xhu

That took a lot of time, effort and consideration of all the input.

Thank you!


Thousands of thanks for this reformation. On the spot I have decided to stay in the league now. Please don´t remove me!
Keep on going strong!
yours gubbi


Can I be in Euro time zone?

@saxmaam You can if you want to…We will open registration on June 5, during which you will be able to choose a timezone division.

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very nice! thank you for all the work put into this


thanks for all the effort!
didn’t understand about reviews and points - if a player ranked for example 7k reviews a lot of games can he find himself higher in the ladder than player ranked for example 4k that has done no reviews ? what for? or it’s different kind of points?


@terr The 4k player will be a few places ahead of the 7k in the ladder, which gives him/her more points; however, if the 7k does a lot more reviews, that gap will be much smaller by the end of a league cycle. :smile:

The point is to encourage good-quality reviews, in a nutshell :wink:

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it may be important to be sure that even making reviews people will more or less stay not far from their position according to their ranks and game results, or it can be one more way to get people of not matching ranks sorted together. “you do more reviews - you get more losses”:slight_smile: maybe it will be self regulating this way though:)


Yeah. To me gaining rank on ladder for anything but wins is a negative.

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I will make sure that doesn’t happen too terribly. :smiley:

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maybe there should be some way of organizing the reviews, the easiest one that comes to mind is a forum thread like “TNL-games (14k-10k) review wanted” and all players of that rank range post their review requests there (and then the reviewers)

Great, thanks Xhu ! Although I do not really fathom out how this will all work :sweat_smile: Every player plays against those two places lower and two places higher alright, but how will score be taken into account in the reshuffle ?

Anyway, 45 minutes+ = GRRREEAAAAAAAAT
45 days : good !
timezones and overall rank : meh, but we’ll see how it unfolds !

Thanks again, and see you on June 15th !

Edit: oh and the loss of points if someone misses games is a great idea.

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Reviews for points?

I agree, feels strange

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Actually, getting points for reviews (an idea i support) has to be limited somehow, So that its not possible to only give reviews and still end up with more points than others,

depending on how the league respond to this concept (and with a limit) it could end up being that you could see it as getting a penalty for not doing your X reviews

it may be good, but rises a lot of questions

if I think how it could work ok, I get smth like this: you are ok if you’ve done one review, slightly better if you’ve done more and a bit worse if you haven’t done any:)
like for example +5 for the first review and +1 for all the others (if a win is +10)


I read it that you can’t get points for more reviews than games you play in a given 45 day season. Is this wrong?

Hey guys,

I will announce specified guidelines for the point system soon. :smile: Separating points earned from rank/game wins from points earned from reviews seems a good idea. :smile: