NGD Christmas Toroid Tournament on December 27

Hi all!

The Nordic Go Dojo will sponsor a toroidal go tournament on December 27, at 7–10 pm EET (Helsinki time). The tournament will be played on the Variant Go Server.

The two finalists of the tournament will receive NGD vouchers of €40 and €20, which can be used for participation in our online league and/or ebook copies of our books.

Participation in the tournament is free. The games are played on a toroidal (there are no edges) 13x13 board, made possible by the Variant Go Server. Area scoring is used, time limits are 5 minutes each + 10 seconds Fischer increment, and komi is 3.5 points. Seequ (the programmer of VGS) has made toroidal games particularly easy to play by implementing scrolling: you can click on the sides of the board to move the view in that direction, and there are also keyboard shortcuts (wasd) for this.

You can register for the tournament here.

Merry Christmas!


Hi Ten, welcome to OGS, hope you enjoy your stay.
That sure is a mind boggling concept. I can’t even imagine how it looks like playing on such a go board. Do you perhaps have an example of game, that you can share here?

Is it ok on a phone? (Scrolling…)

I just finished writing a brief introduction post on – have a look!

The game featured in the post is this one.


On touch screens, a double-tap plays a move, so technically it works and scrolling should be possible too without misclicks (although the hitbox for scrolling is certainly thin). In general, however, the wasd-button scrolling on keyboards is just too handy, and so I cannot really recommend playing on phones or tablets.

Disclaimer: I am a go dinosaur.
WASD buttons refer to the letters on my keyboard?
How does that work?

WASD 4 letters doing the same as the arrows keyboard


When you have a VGS toroid game open on your computer’s browser (for example the game I linked above), see what pressing one of the w, a, s, or d keys does!

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Some one create a discussion group about strategy pls.

I just tried one game and it feels like the entire game is all about killing.

I like killing games but only when I’m the one who does the killing :cry:


Play tengen :slight_smile:

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Basic fuseki:
Move 1: B Tengen
Move 2: W another Tengen


You can always join the VGS Discord server that has occasional interesting and often unnecessarily deep conversations about variants. :smile:

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That’s indeed a PC dinosaur thing.
There was a time when there where no arrows on keyboards! :smile:

I think it’s also a “first person shooter” thing…


I also wonder if it’s a right handed person thing. Being able to hit something like space with your thumb is quite convenient, although of course not all games might use space or whichever as jump etc. Just thinking when using a mouse and keyboard together.

Maybe some left handed people just adapt to it though.

It was (is) a very common default keyboard configuration in many games since years. Left :raised_hand: used to move, right for action…

If you want a short showcase of what toroidal go looks like on vgs, check this

Hm… The link above mentioned using < and > to zoom out and create a 9-slice view, but I can’t seem to do that. What am I doing wrong?

I had to use the shift key to press the < and > buttons and it zoomed in and out on the board on say that Ten linked above

Anyone wants to play?

Yes! I’ll join if you create a game :slightly_smiling_face: