Toroidal Go Tournament on November 4 - signup link inside

Hi everyone! I will be hosting a rapid 13x13 toroidal go tournament on on November 4, starting at 15:00 UTC (8 AM PDT, 11 AM EDT, 16:00 CET, near midnight in East Asia). It will take maybe 2-3 hours depending how many participants there are. This was inspired by the Nordic Go Dojo tournament back in 2020, and uses the same settings: 5min+10s (so 20-30 minutes per game), 13x13, no undos. The tournament will be single elimination.

Resources: Sensei’s Library has many links, in particular Malcolm’s blog posts contain annotated games; NGD has a basic introductory post; and @antonTobi has a few lightly commentated games from the NGD tournament.

Register here.

[I will be advertising this on the OGS forums, /r/baduk, Life in 19x19, and the LittleGolem forums. Please let me know if there’s anywhere else you think would be appropriate]


Fun. I hope this gets some traction. I have some secret plans to revive the server and make it better than ever, but they have no chance to happen in time for this.


Just bumping this thread as the tournament will start in 32 hours. Currently 8 signups.

This spreadsheet contains the brackets and will be updated during the tournament with results and links: 2023 Toroidal Go Tournament Sheet - Google Sheets

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looks like i’m paired with kenneth, should i play now or wait for round 0 to finish?

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Similar here but I think the tournament is starting in another half hour

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@phillip1882 @FIFAfifa Both of the Round 1 games without a corresponding Round 0 game can be started whenever (after 15:00 UTC, please), if your opponent is present.

I’m about to post my Game 0 game vs. szhang

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I’m sendind out emails, so my game with brie.anna may be delayed by a few minutes. Please note that lecw has joined the tournament in the last few hours, this creates another round 0 game (Affecting Fei and Matthew K)

ok how long should i wait for my opponent

As it’s a round 1 game, I think a preferred start time of 15:30 and a forfeit time of 15:45 is reasonable. If you want to remove the game and wait until verification that your opponent has joined (so they don’t join then you lose on time by not noticing), that’s fine, or you can just keep an eye on it and wait.

It is now UTC 15:16, and my Round 0 opponent szhang (listed as probably absent) hasn’t shown. Are we calling it then? If so, when should I set up and start the next game, which is Round 1 vs. fuseki3 ?

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and is there anything special I need to do to “claim victory” or just close the game?

That’s correct. You can start it now, and I’ll notify @fuseki3 . And no, you’ll just win by default (you can resign with no downside if you want).

@fuseki3 Round 1 game is posted for us


Game 2B concludes by default, with lecw proceeding to their game with Fei (@FIFAfifa is that you? I’m not sure the OGS-person correspondance here). brie.anna responds in the last minute so our game does not conclude yet.

nptialiu i’m giving kenneth 15 more minutes as said by the director

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Thanks. I haven’t received any word from them yet so it’s likely you may win by default.

Ok trying to set up my game with lecw now

I already created one, so you can just choose color there.