No chat bar

No chat bar in reviews for Firefox or Explorer please fix.

hi, can you provide us a little more information… a screenshot could help. Version of firefox and IE. Also, if there are any messages on your javascript console

Sorry but I am familiar with the art of not so and a screenshot would show nothing there can not be said control window open
it refers to all the control window as zumbeispiel the match, the accession of the ladder tournaments, leaving the tounieren or accept the herrausforderrungen in ladder tournaments

google crom: Version 44.0.2403.157 m
firefoy: version 40.0.2

since they have mentioned firefoy also I tried it there and it Kahm a message with desktop messaging
apparently I have notifications for / on chrome deaktivirt dei help menus but have brought me no help so I apparently no longer can play on chrome

Translated with Google-translated because I just really can German

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I’m sorry, I couldn’t really understand what you were trying to say. As I said, please post a screenshot and javascript console messages as I’m unable to reproduce this.

@BananenXD: Schreib das bitte nochmal auf Deutsch und erwähne meinen Nick, dann werde ich’s übersetzen. Das automatisch übersetzte Englisch ist grauenhaft bis unverständlich.

Und es ist in der Tat so, dass unseren Entwicklern Bildschirmschnappschüsse helfen, ein Problem zu verstehen, also poste bitte einen vom Problem. Und falls die Javascript-Konsole etwas ausspuckt, wäre das auch hilfreich.

Dank im Voraus, Tom

@matburt: I’ve asked @BananenXD to post again in German since auto translate outputs Gibberish and asked them to post screenshots and Javascript console output, if available.

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