No SGF from just part of my games? Why?

Why I cannot download SGF games from 2 of the 3 active games I play today?

Downloading it after the game - as the error message says - is useless to me now. I could use OGS analysis playground, except that it is bad for me, and a SGF is not.

I found and tried to use the Zen SGF downloader program (🌸 Zen SGF Downloader 🌸), but it does not download them (and gives no message or anything in stdout either). Works just like the site.

My 3 games are also public, so, this is one more reason to make their SGF downloadable at any point before their end.

There is an old post that should not be related, but I do not know how to test its idea in my games: Sgf not downloadable - #2 by AdamR

Can you help me?

What is a reason for being unable to use an SGF file, if it seems I can use the analysis things with hungry wishes?

I can download ongoing games if and only if analysis is on it seems. I can see how that makes sense.

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My apologies. That program is very basic.
I might upgrade it to show an error message in those cases.

Be it as it may, the program cannot be used to bypass server restrictions, since it uses the public API, which is controlled by the server itself.

EDIT: I also do not now the reason why you can’t download the games, but it must be a server issue.


Two of your games have “analysis disabled” in the game options, so it’s disallowed for those. There’s a sentence about in the docs:

Note that if you have created a game where analysis mode has been disabled, you cannot download an SGF of it until the game has concluded.

Personally I think correspondence with analysis disabled is a bizarre combination and try to avoid such games. You can do that in the future by unchecking the box here:

Or if you’re accepting a challenge, by carefully reading the game description popup in the graph:


Tournaments have a similar option that will be shown in their description somewhere.


It does not make sense at all in the following situation, with all these aspects:

  • It is a correspondence game, and just due this, any player has enough time to test a lot of moves, if so they want. It can be a real board. It can be a paralell virtual game where all the played moves are played.

  • There is a serious problem with keyboard accessibility of the OGS site. If I enable that horrible “analysis” things, I cannot use arrow keys to: navigate in a comment I write in the game chat, of any kind; I cannot navigate in the game previous moves with left and right keys; I cannot scroll up or down with arrow keys, nor with page up and page down keys. I have tested all these keys with all possible combinations with one or more of shift, ctrl and right keys. I simply do not want that bad analysis board which is worse than making a move in the real board game, only with the keyboard. There are so many “modern” features in OGS. But it seems to be quickly forgetting everything that always worked before, in the Internet!

  • With an SGF, which I can download or make it manually, if I want (as my opponents can!). Analysing the game and having an SGF or it is a nonsense association. Analysing games is the only thing you do with an SGF??? So much sense with this thought. It is really impossible that anyone does not think the same way.

  • Today, the right side vertical bar is IMPOSSIBLE TO USE with the keyboard! Everything in it is useless, without a pointing or touching device. Great!

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Thank you for the comments, Leira. It is basic, but it is useful, anyway. As small but good improvement can be the error message for such possible cases, while they exist here.

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If you can explain this a bit more, what it currently does in which situation and what you would expect it to do in that situation we might be able to submit an issue to GitHub and get it fixed.

I’m sure more people might appreciate making the changes in that case also.


I edited the message I answer. I forgot to write one of the items I wanted to list in it.

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I saw the option. I read the description (in fact, I chose it with the games I started). And this choice for me should have nothing to do with my opponents preferences about them. It does not change the game. It is not similar to what would be 2 players in a game with different time settings for it.

And this option for correspondence is bizarre. Thus, I see your comment and think the “feature” should be considered a bug in such type of games.

Sure, shinuito! I can describe and explain it as much as needed to make the problem understandable by every person. And submitting the issue in the code repository is something important, I know. But people who already did it before, who knows well things in OGS, would make it much better than me, possibly - since I never checked the OGS source code in any way, right now. And I am sorry if what I said above was not clear enough. “Obviously”, this is not what I wanted to do there.

I will reread there, and explain better what I find the possible need. If you can tell me what would be good, and possibly a “hint” on how to do it, would be great.

Best wishes for you. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t5:

I checked the code, and it turns out there is a warning for those cases; however, the game name was very long in your case, taking 2 lines, so it was hidden beneath the other info. I have updated the geometry so that there’s a bit more space, to avoid such a thing from happening again.

I should look like this:


I play with analysis disabled (and did when I played correspondence here) because I want to practice my reading and don’t care for the opponent having a tool I don’t.

It’s been very common since the days when correspondence play was done through literal postcards, that players would analyze the game on physical boards. This can be viewed philosophically as viewing correspondence as an attempt to get the best play theoretically possible from the players, at their current skill level with as few impediments as possible.

Given the history and reasonable philosophical viewpoint from which perspective it makes sense, it is no wonder that playing with analysis enabled is very popular, and I would not advocate for removing that option.

However, I equally object to removing the option to play with analysis disabled, or to condoning attempts to circumvent the clear wishes of those who play games with that setting by engaging in analysis during the game outside of OGS.


Thank you very much for the prompt change, Leira. But there is no message for me, I am not exactly sure why not. But it is possibly caused by something in the OS environment I use: linux Debian + Mate Desktop. And the change in geometry you did do not solve another issue, I saw before (kind of obvious, they are in different parts of the drawn window). This is what I see when I run the program:

I did not resize the window in any way. And if I did, it will not remember its new size and position.

The fact the theme I use is dark grey, and the message space is a big pure white rectangle, bothers me a bit. I would try to change it, anyway I can (maybe even removing it in the code).

I use the program in 2 possible ways: paste a game URL which can be downloaded, change the focus to “find” button; if the “Download SGF” is enabled, I focus and activate it. The second path: if the URL cannot be downloaded, and is a valid OGS game URL, the issue is known, give up.

Personal suggestion to improve the stdout messages we have. It says when it asks game info, and when it is received. The SGF download no, and neither the “forbidden SGF” situation.

Other small things: I cannot press the buttons with enter key; only with tab. When I focus the URL text area, the whole text in it is selected, but if I paste anything, without deleting everything first, it does not substitute it.

Thank you for everything. :blush:

Thank you very much for sharing your opinions with me, and with more people who read this thread.

I guess what I mean is can you explain more things like

From what I understand the arrow keys navigate forward and backward in the game in analysis mode. Is it that while you’re typing a comment in chat you want the arrow keys to move the typing cursor left and right in the text etc if that is what is in focus? What’s the current behaviour and what is the expected behaviour instead.

That in principle should work?

I know for me there usually isn’t too much scrolling to do in the sense that the board is taking up most of the space, while maybe mainly the thing to scroll would be game chat? What is it that should scroll and what should page up and page down do and when?

It should be possible to add more keyboard shortcuts, I roughly have an idea of where that is in the code, though someone else might be better equipped to actually do it.

So I’m just wondering if you could go into detail of what you want to do and when, and what it currently is doing when you try that etc.

I can try myself later or tomorrow myself to think about the way things currently are and what could be changed


Explaining better each part you quoted:

With the options below enabled


(freely translating them to English, the first “disable AI review”; the other is “always disable analysis”)

If I press any arrow key, in the right column of my window, the game chat will be hidden, and will be replaced with the analysis thing. I hate this because what I would want to do with the arrow, when I load a game page, is either scrolling it, scrolling the past move, or scrolling the chat. Nothing else. Left and right right keys navigate the moves, but the fact they do it with the analysis interface show is something I simply do not want. And I repeat: if my opponent or anyone wants to do it, I do not care. I do not want to make it harder for them. My choice must not be their. At most, the site could say that I disabled it, if there is a reason for saying it.

Still with the arrow keys expected use, I will press tab several times to focus the chat. Is there a simple way to scroll it? With the chat history focused (it will focus the username of each message sent before, and eventual URLs, and nothing else, I think; board coordinates are highlighted, but no tab stop for them, which could be nice), if I press the arrow keys, the analysis mode is shown again. This is incredibly annoying! So, to scroll and read the history, I must use only tab and shift+tab. Nothing else. Page up and page down keys also open the analysis thing! A simple but very bad bug: if I want to read the last comment in the chat, and it is long enough to occupy 2, 3 or move lines in my chat window, I cannot see all of it this way. We scroll up to have it below everything shown; then we scroll down with enough tab presses to reach it… after the name of who wrote it is focused, the next focused part will the the message type menu. I did not find a “good” way to see it this way. Another clear bug: The text area where we write our messages has the “suggested text” (it should have a name which I do not know) is written “Message…”. It is written in English, and not in the language I chose to use OGS; I am a translator of OGS and I have checked each and all the strings that could be it; everything with this word is translated; why this is not?

I said that I could not navigate game moves because the view change confused me. I wanted to navigate moves seeing the chat, since I frequently talk above the game. This did not happen, but I said it in a wrong way.

The scroll up and down sentence is also about the chat history. The board always adjust its size to the viewable page area, resizing itself even when the browser makes this a bit smaller in height when I want to search a string in the page. And as said above, page up and page down keys do not work, and shift, ctrl and alt with them neither.

I never checked what kind of code makes sites use keyboard shortcuts. I simply hate not having a way to never let sites use keys or key combinations that I use for anything, since operating system keys, going through window manager keys, and browser keys and even my arbitrarily chosen shortcuts for the browser. There are sites and sites’ situations where I simply cannot go out without losing more than just the site tab (like all the tabs opened in the same browser window, and when this window is a private one, I may lose data and/or time)

So, I am sorry if I write too much. It is mostly a “gift” I have, hard to avoid. Read everything with the time you need. And I thank you very much for all your time and attention with this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


More is less in this case I think :slight_smile: The more you describe the less confusion there is about what should be the expected behaviour, and so probably less in the long run :slight_smile:

I’ll read this properly and test it myself tomorrow, when I’m at a computer.

Some things like

should be easy to fix. If you spot anything else like this, I think in the codebase we just need to add a special syntax to the text to make it translate-able and then the translation should show up instead.

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Thanks to @dexonsmith I think this should be fixed, in the sense that it should be properly translatable.

I don’t know how long it takes to show up on the translation server and then how long that takes to make it to the main site. Hopefully it and a couple of others that @dexonsmith can be translated now :slight_smile: