🌸 Zen SGF Downloader 🌸

It seems a few people did take interest in this modest application, and have cloned the repository. So, I’ll make this new thread here to avoid colliding with the topic at hand in the original thread (which warrants its own discussion of built-in OGS features).

Feel free to report bugs, make a feature wishlist or what have you.

About the app:

A tool to download SGF files from OGS public games without rank information.

Requirements / Installation
  1. Install Python3 on your computer. Make sure that you allow “python” to be added to PATH as an environmental variable during installation.
  2. Install the Requests module. Just open a Terminal and type:
    $ python -m pip install requests
  3. Download “Zen SGF Downloader.pyw”. It should be pretty much plug-and-play.

How to use
  • Doble-click the file “Zen SGF Downloader.pyw”; it should run as an executable.
  • Copy & paste the url (web address) of the game you want to download.
    Incomplete strings also work, as long as it contains the full game number.
    Ex.: https://online-go.com/game/148934, game/148934 and 148934 all work.
  • Click “:mag_right: Find Game!” do see the game details. Click “:arrow_down: Download SGF” to save the game on your local drive. Rinse, repeat.