Non-regular donation and support subscription period


Is periodically donation the only way to financially support OGS ?

I only find that way and I think there are plenty of reasons that some people may prefer a non-periodical donation.
And, on the support page, as it is today, I just couldn’t find how long is the subscription for. I read it again several times since it seemed to me so amazing, I imagine it’s implicit and obvious for many of us, so I make the guess it is of one year but I apologize, for me it’s not something that can be left as implicit and I hope it’s an omission :slight_smile:

And again, please consider making an occasional donation possible even though I imagine it can be helpful having a forecast of income…



Yes, unfortunately. If you up to reading through a rather long OGS, now with ads thread, you can find a lot of discussion there. As far as I’m aware, it didn’t result in anything but discussion, but there is hope.

No, those are monthly payments, don’t set the amount to $60 unless you really love OGS :slight_smile:

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Hello temifar :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing me that thread :slight_smile:

Yes I had understood they were monthly payments, I was talking about how long they last :slight_smile:


They last until you cancel them, which you can do anytime you want.

Hello @temifar,

thanks and I apologize, I haven’t taken time for browsing the forums enough, I must admit.

From the thread you showed me, I could find this feature request:

Feature request: ability to make one-off donation

I hope it will be implemented soon :+1:


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