Non-Tsumego Problems

Post any interesting tesuji, fuseki, endgame, etc problem you’ve got.

"Easy" Black to play.

"Hard" Black to play.


Hi @Kaworu_Nagisa, cool that you post some problems.
You are always welcome to post your puzzles in my thread.

Via the OGS puzzles tool you can place your puzzles in an interactive context, which many puzzles solvers will appreciate.

A couple of my favourites on there are already made by Kaworu. I agree more would be welcome.

Atari, push, throw in, atari, push, nose, hane above, block, descend, atari, throw in, hane from right and white is at 2 liberties while black has 3.


Non-tsumego problem are not tsumego problem.

I like the idea to put problems on a pic meaning you won’t run to see the answer and even you will not help yourself with some analysis tool.

It’s nice to have two different topics, that’s double ration to practice!

Welcome the difference!


In a way, this isn’t easier than the second one? Less one way street reading perhaps. Cut by jumping towards bottom. If white ataris towards either side, black has miai to connect either solidly towards bottom or with a tiger mouth towards left. If white plays a net-like thing with a nobi from the hane’d stone, white 5-8 stone has 2 libs so black can connect towards right with atari. So, 3 stones are cut.

Black to play. (easy/intermediate)


Sorry about the ugly design but it’s a position from a game and I didn’t trust myself to polish it without affecting the answer.


I really like that @Kaworu_Nagisa 's original puzzles are photos of a real board and stones :heart_eyes: Much nicer to look at than computer generated graphics :star_struck: All puzzles should be presented like this :grin:


Well, that is not going to happen :grinning:


Well, it’s a much deeper read and you have to keep liberties in mind the entire time, plus some moves are not so obvious.

The first ones moves are much more obvious and the timing for when to play stuff in the seconds can be a bit “odd”…


If you want a bunch of non-tsumegos that teach one to recognize bread-and-butter basic shape moves in open-space fighting, this is a site that I made long time ago:

This was implemented with the help of neural nets, but before developing strong AI tools and actually having strong nets, so it is presented as “guess the pro move” rather than “this is the definite correct move” - but using neural nets it was able to heavily bias towards situations where the answer is a “basic shape”, rather than arbitrary pro moves.

Presumably today it might be possible to re-do and improve it with the additional help of superhuman-level AI, to filter and verify correctness and to present counter refutations for the incorrect moves, but that’s work I haven’t had anywhere near the time to do. Still, I hope this site is of interest to at least a few people. :slight_smile:


Modifed from a position on GoKibitz: does White have the ladder?




very sneaky ladder

See also the related thread Quick positions.

Another real-game ladder problem, from @Jakobb 's stream tonight.

Does it work?



From a game I just played as White.

I believe I continued with the worst of these six moves – which is it?

I played

the peep D, and (1–6) in the diagram.

The most White can hope for is the gote seki of (7).


A, B in the second diagram ofc fails to achieve any status change.


And if White plays (3) A in the third diagram, Black has the throw-in to, again, easily live (by recapturing at (3) in response to (6)):