Nova League Calendar - Updated 5/5

The Nova League hosts a monthly league as well as a Rengo tournament. This calendar will show games in either event. The separate threads are here:

Nova League May Pairings

saxmaam, yuri, baelofoax, and SivartKceBael have permissions to add events to the calendar. We will monitor the above threads for notice of upcoming games. So post your upcoming games!

The calendar below shows time in Abidjan, Mali, which is the same as UTC. If you import the calendar into your own Google Calendar, it will display in your selected time zone.

Note that if you live in the US, some evening events will show up on the next day of the UTC calendar. It’s really better to look at this from your own google account, by clicking on the [+ Google Calendar] icon in the lower right of the calendar image.


Thanks for the initiative !

Awesome, @saxmaam! You might want to change the time zone of the calendar to UTC, though :smile:


Hmm. Does your screen say “Abidjan” for time zone? google tells me that’s GMT. Google calendar doesn’t let me select a time zone, it has to be a country. Is there a country that “everybody” knows is UTC?

Ivory Coast is UTC. UTC = GMT

And I guess that the UK would be a country everybody knows is UTC

I didn’t pick UK because of DST changes.

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In the lower right you can add the calendar to your own google calendar. Then it will show your own timezone.


Good point, KillerDucky!

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thread bump. Calendar is in first message of this thread.

To fellow Calendar Guardians!

I think we should agree on unified form of calendar event titles in our Calendar to distinguish between events (currently watching TNL and RENGO). I propose this format (without quotation):

"EVENT:SUBEVENT: player1 vs player2"
e. g. “TNL:A0: Kuwabara vs Ogata”, “RENGO: USA vs UK”.

If the scheduled time is uncertain let’s write a question mark in front of the whole thing,
e. g. “? TNL:A0: Sai vs Ogata”.

Any other notes should belong to description.

What do you think?

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Approved! Google Calendar will need a scheduled time for an event to be added, though.

Also, it’ll be great if our fellow helpers could take care of the reschedules!

SUBEVENT TYPES: TNL group name, , no FWXhu subevents that I can think of …

So here’s an issue. If a user edits his post and adds games to a previous post, the calendar volunteers won’t necessarily get any signal that something has changed. I think it might be best to make a new post. I’ll occasionally request that a powerful admin clean up the thread.

Unless anybody has a better idea?

we can encourage people to contact a CG to make changes?

bump. have added a few dates here


Is there a way to allow anyone to edit the calendar ? I doubt anyone would mess with it. If that’s not possible, I guess that players should make a new post. Thanks for your effort !

Iceland is country where is UTC = GMT and there is no DST (Daylight saving time).

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