Observe correspondence games (suggestion)

I regularily browse through the ongoing correspondence games. Some catch my interest, and I want to know how they continue. However, browsing through a lot of games just to find a couple games that I’m interested in, is time consuming (and I imagine others might feel the same). That is why I suggest a new feature: A list of correspondence games you currently observe. This list should allow for quick access to the games you added to the list beforehand, and could be located on a users profile.

I think this could be very handy. How do you feel about this idea?


I believe something like this is already on the list of things to eventually add to the site. Similar ideas have been suggested before:


You could copy the URLs to your profile page, and perhaps add “Interesting games I am following:” so as not to confuse visitors. Or, if you don’t want to expose the games you are following, you could copy them to another device and copy back when you want to access them. Admittedly, this is clunkier than what you propose, but it is at least an immediate work-around.

If you’re going to go down that path it’s probably easier to just bookmark all the games you want to follow in their own folder of your browser bookmarks… This way you could even have the option to open all at once and give each a meaningful name…

… But I wholeheartedly agree we should have an internal ability to follow games and or players


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