Observe Games only shows 9 games

I am not sure if this is the correct area to mention this.

I am using Google Chrome and when I go to observe games it only shows 9 games 3 in a row of active board games. There are more games being played but I cannot see them. Also it does not have an option to list games. I may just be looking for a certain player.

Are the developers aware of this problem? Thank you.

I believe that they are.

I would also like to see a list version for the active games.

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Yep, the top 9 was by design initially, but it’s recognized we should make this pageable … also bringing back the full list of games is certainly on the Todo :slight_smile:


Ty Anoek, I know I would prefer a list option… I am sure some others would as well.

Ty again.

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IMHO yes, I definitely also want a list for quick overview, even though usually I also use the mini boards. For example, sometimes I want to see how many kibitzers are watching a game, and I want to be able to sort the current games by rank, by time played or remaining time, by size …

Greetings, Tom

Lists are now possible if you set the ‘Game list instead of board thumbnails’ options in your site preferences.

Also 9 games is now selectable, and you can page through them, enjoy!

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Uhm, yes, so you really want me to go to prefs every time I want to switch the “Observe Games” view :question: Mh… Couldn’t we have a check box or radio button or something right on that page? Puhleeze?

And … would it be possible at some time, to sort the visual overview for rank/size/time/observers/etc? I think this could be really helpful not only to me.

I just love :yin_yang:GS more and more each day.

Greetings, Tom

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Alrighty i’ll add it to the todo list for list vs boards :slight_smile:

Yep re the rest of the sorting options, they’re not forgotten, just have to figure out how to do that efficiently on the backend :smile:

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