Off-topic offshoot from Note to Ukrainian site supporters

Modern days Big Brother is not a single person, of course. It’s the ruling elites which make key decisions.

Wikipedia is controlled by them just like any other major Western news outlet.

I can provide example. Recent missile strike in Kramatorsk train station killed dozens of civilians. Show me single Western media which traces missile origin back to Ukraine’s armed forces based on its make/serial number?

You will not find this information, instead they all simply put blame on Russia, without providing any evidence. They same misinformation regarding killings in Bucha and on and on.

P.S. I cannot make another posts in this thread because of some enforced limit on number of posts.
Thank you all for conversation.


If you really believe everything you say, I find that fascinating.

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To me it seems you’re evading the question and you believe some conspiracy theories fueled by Putin.


Certainly not protecting other regions, for that matter!

I mean, Putin is so worried, and invested, and intent to help those more equal than others people of Donetsk, and apparently only them, that he rushed to their help… after 8 years.

:ukraine: russia is losing

he might just be doing that to have support and take it over later if he wins

How long will ogs continue to display the blue yellow logo? I would like to suggest it might be time to go back to the normal logo and avoid any type of political statements in the future. It never ends well.

“Time” on what grounds? What has changed? Ukrainian site users are still deserving of our support and solidarity. The International Criminal Court has just issued a warrant for War Crimes committed against Ukrainian children.

I continue to applaud anoek’s position on this issue while also supporting the decision to allow Russian users to continue using the site. Russia is far from being the democracy that it pretends to be and most hapless Russians are not in a position to do much about the situation.


Let me try filling in the blanks here!

  1. Putin
  2. his war in Ukraine
  3. peacetime
  4. invasion

How would it not end well?

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Just chit chat on the forums and don’t play games on the main site and you never have to see the blue and yellow OGS logo. :smile:

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If you don’t want politics, then stop talking politics on the forum, and either don’t care about the logo, or hide it: How to remove the OGS logo from your Chrome browser


Omg this is actually a brilliant idea! Why didn’t anybody come up with this sooner?
Please consider making this a real feature! Just like there is on/off dark mode, you can have on/off political statements! Please consider such a button in the ogs UI or in the settings <3

Just like light mode is very annoying to the eyes of some people, the political statements are also very annoying and you are fooling yourself if you think that they will ever stop. There will always be some new “the message” to annoy the heads of normal people. The internet would turn into pre-addblock add windows with political propaganda.

Please implement the politics-off button in settings. Thank you for your time.

War is not politics. War crimes are not political debate.


Than you once more for the tip.
For anybody else reading this in the future, to do this in Brave:

  1. right-click on website
  2. choose Brave - block element
  3. select the logo and confirm the selection in the corner

Remove or check setting:
Settings - Shields - Create custom filters
There will be now this new line filtering out the button. Deleting this line would make it visible again.

This is a surprisingly good solution, since (as it currently is) the link under the logo is exactly the same one as the link under “Home”, so the functionality remains the same. I don’t know if this was on purpose, but it is very fortunate!

I will miss the original OGS logo. If anyone knows how to use the filter to substitute the old one, please share. Thank you

Your sarcasm is awe-inspiring, I can indeed feel the desire being ignited deep within me to spend a significant amount of my precious time implementing a politics-off button to save those poor souls having to witness two incredibly common colours in a particular configuration, so that they can go back to sticking their fingers in their ears, singing “blablablabla what I don’t see doesn’t exist”

Welcome to step 1 of “instead of complaining, I could’ve just read the topic and done it myself instead”


What is political is subjective, as is the question of whether it is offensive. This reminds me of when G. K. Chesterton was offered a weekly column in the Illustrated London News. He wrote in his first column that his employers said he could write about whatever he wanted, except politics and religion, which he characterized as the only subjects worth writing about (he was exaggerating for effect). He then proceeded to write mainly about politics and religion for the next 31 years.


When I was talking about a politics-off button. Obviously the word “politics” here is a euphemism to not disrespect the I believe good intentions of the dev that put the message on this otherwise brilliant website that I keep promoting. But most horrible tragedies were started by good intentions. And the correct word would be propaganda. This should be a respected go server, not a private blog nor a news outlet.

Personally, I respect OGS more because it stands by Ukraine. Taking a neutral stance in this conflict just favours Putin’s land grabbing attempt and bullying of Russia’s neighbouring countries.


Look, you already shared your view. It is not the opinion of this site’s owner nor the vast majority of its users.

I fail to see why you keep insisting. If it bothers you so much, hide it and move on.