Offering "Teaching correspondence games" (Join the club!) :)

May I suggest this completely factual documentary guaranteed to contain untold troves of wisdom regarding world conquest?

I’d also like to join, 8k and want to do better:)

I’m interested in joining when/if there’s room; currently 12k.

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Dear people! … You are all welcome to now join Levvo’s Corner! … Please put a like on this post or reply to it. Or whisper me on OGS for an invite to the group. Remember to be active in the chatroom (that’s where everything happens) and read through the news section!! =) …

Welcome to Levvo’s Corner!! :smiley:


Thanks Levvo
I’ll do my best


Thanks Levvo. Will do my best :smile:




wow great… thanks sensei… i am looking forward for your guidance and another club member to help me :smile:

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I’d love to join and offer reviews to DDK players. :smile:




Thanks - just got back online after breaking my laptop - hope I"lll prove worthy


Just a note to anyone I might be playing in the near future. Having broken my laptop I replaced it with a smartphone a couple of days ago. I’m still getting used to playing on it. Rather than ask for an undo every fifth move, II"ve decided to live with it until my control improves. I expect my rank to plummet. Anyway, if you wonder why I take forever to make a move that would shame a 50k player - that might be why. On the plus side it"s teaching me lots about damage limitation…


I’d love to join please!!

Could a beginner like me join the teaching games as well? I am now 22k…
I have no idea other than go escaping from my opponents’ attack at the moment.
I tried to improve by reading a joseki book for beginner, and finished Cho Chikun’s Encyclopedia of Life and Death - Elementary. Other than this, I know nothing at all.
Could I join?

So - Circumstances kept me from being active in the group for a while, and I’m trying to make up for that now. Will anyone on here either play a ladder game with me, or a teaching game? You will earn my gratitude, which admittedly, won’t buy you much…

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Feel free to pm me to schedule a ladder game.

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will do that thing

me too, sarge

Hello, please do take me into account for whenever you will start adding people again.
I think my real strenght is in the low DDK (15k-10k), but I cannot say for sure because I never really played with a stable strenght player.
I would say my greatest strenght is in really trying to turn mistakes into advantages - which, in my point of view, I happen to do quite often.
While my greatest weakness is… Making them errors. Mostly because I play correspondence games the most, and sooner or later I happen to play when I’m not in the mood.
I prefer strategy over tactic, and I am obviously not so strong in the latter.
I love go because I think it is a wonderful discipline for the mind, whose benefits effect our very life. Every single game I played has taught me something.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Hey Andrea! :smiley: … Glad you’re interested in joining our little corner.

Please drop a note in the new recruitment thread though ! :smiley: … And as soon as I get back into the internetlife (In the middle of moving) I’ll grab you in =)