Levvo's Corner [Recruitment Thread]

[Recruitment Closed]

I am currently closing recruitment, but please leave a post and i’ll get back to you when it’s time to get more people in again!

This group has been alive for quite some time now with varying success and it’s up and downs. Like any group we live on activity and motivation from the members and so, sometimes you need new blood for new things to happen! :slight_smile: … This thread exists to invite more people into our little family when that is needed!

This is a new post cause the old one is a bit… old…

So I’m looking for a couple of dedicated “students” to join my little corner. I love teaching but sadly I don’t have much time to sit down and do them. And those who knows me might know that I tend to spend alot of time on reviews / teaching games when I do them.

This group started out as a way of teaching through correspondence games, though we’ve fallen more and more from that and today we instead have quite an active internal ladder and do whatever activities we can. I’m trying to make this into a self-growing internet go club or simular.

I ofcourse can still offer you cor. teaching games and live ones aswell when time allows.

So I’m now looking for a couple of more people to join in, and ofcourse i’ll have some requirements for joining!

So first off I want you to want to get stronger (this involves doing tsumego for one). And this method does sadly not work very well with beginners so I think you should be around the 5k-16k range and have a decent general understanding of the game. I ofcourse welcome dedicated beginners to study with me aswell but I’d have to start them out with a long teaching game that explains what go is and how I think of go. But yea, everyone is welcome and alot of people in the corner gladly helps out with helping out! :stuck_out_tongue:

So i’m making this forum post to recruit some blood to my group “Levvo’s Corner” - It’s a private group so if you want to join, give me a good reason for why you would like to join and slowly but surelly i’ll expand this little study group and make it into a nice community of people that want to help eachother out!

For now I’m not looking for dedicated teachers, but I dont mind people who are stronger in the group helping for example beginners that wants to improve. I want to make this into a nice little family that burns to help eachother out so it doesnt just become “Yet another chat room”. I also have quite alot of study material and I think i’ll be doing group teaching games and pro game reviews and whatnot later on aswell. This is ofcourse also a way for me to get better at go, so don’t think it’s one sided. =) I love teaching!

This is what we do today but only a part of the fun you’ll have when joining this group! There are also some teaching material made by me and others in there if you’re interested in just that. :slight_smile:

And that’s enough text for now, thanks for reading and hope to see you there! If you have any questions, let me know!

// Levvo


Yeah! I want in!
my ‘references’ are:

  • 14K overall mostly correspondence currently
  • played around 150 games so far since September 2015 (some on other sites, roundabout 100 here)
  • My go-to studying source so far is mostly youtube videos but I recently participated in a malkovich experiment and liked it
  • I’m a helpful, friendly player :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m also interested. Like Kabootle, I’m also 14k currently, pretty much exclusively playing correspondence due to time constraints. I learned how to play a few years ago, but started to pick up the game again after the AlphaGo matches. I own a few go-related books and have been reading them in my spare time (Lessons in the Fundamentals by Kageyama, Relentless from GoGameGuru, etc). I’ve had some good experiences in the OGS Teaching Ladder’s reviews, but would like some more focused study in the form of teaching games. Thanks for offering!

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I’d love to join if you’d have me. I’m one of the “AlphaGo” Crowd, so started seriously playing go a few months ago. I’m 14k now, much of my play has been correspondance, but I’ve been working on giving that up and only playing live. Part of that is to get into a more normal daily routine, working on reading problems, aiming to play 1-3 live games every day.

I’ve already got a few books for DDK level, and have slowly been reading relentless. I also spend time watching quite a few different you-tube dans. Lately I’ve gotten into the NHK cup games on youtube as well.

I’ve really valued the lessons I’ve gotten from stronger players I’ve met on OGS, and try hard to pass that on to players ranked below me.


Sounds good guys! All 3 of you =) …

Welcome to the corner @ajventi, @photonic and @Kabootle ! =)

Remember to read through the news to get some updates on what’s happening. And you could also start on the homework the other’s have mostly completed. ^^

And be sure to get online on the chat, that’s our base of operations. So if you want or need anything that’s the place to go. :slight_smile:

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You have room for one more?

I’ve read a few books, watched a few videos, and I do tsumego daily, but I seem to have hit a plateau at about 9k. In addition to participating in correspondence games, I play about 1-2 live games per day (not always on OGS).

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Absolutely! =)

Me five.

At the moment I don’t play live games at all and in fact have cut my correspondence game load from about 30 to a couple, but since my rank appears to have stabilised at 6k I have started doing tsumego. I would love to be a bit more directed in my limited Go time; correspondence teaching games seem like a wonderful idea.

Also, I suck at tsumego - my goproblems rank is presently 14k, I have no idea how I win actual games.

But hey, gotta start somewhere.

Sure I’ll take one more in, then i’m closing recruitation for a while again =)

Hi! :wink:

I’d like to join, too, as I already asked… In the wrong thread, as you politely pointed out ;op

I do love go. My strength is somewhat changing a lot, and I don’t really understand why. I’d love the chance to have some coaching.

Please count me in, whenever you open recruiting again :slight_smile:

Hello, I’d be interested to join once a place opens up. :slight_smile:

I started playing go during the Easter holidays, having become interested due to alphago and am now 12k with ~350 games played, mainly live but I also play a fair amount of correspondance through the ladder and tournaments.

I’ve gotten really interested and invested into go, and I try to watch streams on twitch, review some of my games to try and improve, watch lectures on youtube, and I’ve also bought a few books that were recommended to me to improve my game. :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like to join this Go community since I’m somewhat alone in my endeavor ( don’t have any particular Go-centered group that I interact with on a regular basis ) .
I’m 7k , mostly play correspondence games and have quite a lot of games on my back .

Alright people! … 3 more into the group would not hurt at all.

Just like this post and i’ll send you an invite, so that I know you’re still sincere about joining! =)

@AndreaB, @AlexKrh, @Valdorigamiciano


Yeah! :grimacing:

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Sent you the invite. :slight_smile: … Welcome to the corner! :slight_smile:

Still room to squeeze one more? :wink:

Great :slight_smile:

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Sure mate. x)

Hi Lev, I know you’re shut again now but I’m gonna put this here for when you need another injection of new blood :slight_smile: I’m only recently becoming active on this server/forum but have been playing for a few years, I’m 7k on kgs which I’m told is around 12k-ish here. Started a new career last year and fell into a hiatus, but I’m back with a vengeance and for the past few months have been doing a handful of tsumego, playing 2 or 3 games (of which I privately review at least one), watching a review/lesson on YouTube, and reading roughly one chapter of a Richard Bozulich book every day (yeah… I’m back to being totally obsessed!). I’m really keen to keep learning as much as I can about the game, and of course spread what wisdom I have too, so would love to be part of your community when you next open the doors :slight_smile: