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This is a post for the group “Levvo’s Corner” and resources that has to do with that group. If you are not a part of the group this will most likely not be so interesting for you. If you want to apply to join the group, please write a post in this forum thread.

Also be sure to join the chat (click on “Levvo’s Corner”) where most information is beeing posted.

Malkovich Games:
Malkovich games is games where both players will write down their thoughts for each move they play. This is a collection of all the games so you can either study how someone thinks or go back and see how your mindset has changed.
The number represents the game in order of when the game was played. The name represents first the player then each opponent. When a new game starts, whisper me the link and it will be added here.

Lorok vs.
KoBa: 1,
mtm6556: 1,
Samraku: 1,

KoBa vs.
Lorok 1,
Amenofus: 1
sphaso: 1
mtm6556: 1

saxmaam vs.
mtm6556: 1, 2,
legas: 1,
Samraku: 1,
herbie: 1,
Rataradicta 1,
Wulfenia 1

Samraku vs.
saxmaam: 1
phoenix1: 1
Lorok: 1
Wulfenia: 1
mtm6556: 1

Wulfenia vs.
Lorok: 1
Samraku: 1
saxmaam: 1
chopper: 1
sphaso: 1

archpaladin1 vs.
mtm6556: 1
legas: 1

legas vs.
archpaladin1: 1

mtm6556 vs.
saxmaam: 1, 2
Legas: 1
Rataridica: 1
archpaladin1: 1
Samraku; 1
Lorok: 1
KoBa: 1

sphaso vs.
KoBa: 1
Wulfenia: 1

Chopper vs.
Uru: 1
Predex: 1
Wulfenia: 1

Uru vs.
Chopper: 1

Predex vs.
Chopper: 1

Terr vs.
NanashiHitori: 1

NanashiHitori vs.
Terr: 1


Fuseki Study:
Here we will play our own games and expand the demo’s as we play. Each time a student plays a move that is not in the demo already we will update the demo with the new move as either a possible move or as a mistake move. This way we will soon see how much importance each move in the fuseki has and how to better grasp of the game you can get by studying the opening.

Low Chinese

Reviewed Games:

Games beeing reviewed:
29/4-15 saxmaam vs. legas

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Review Requests

Please post your name and link to the review here. (You edit the post). And a quick comment about the game. If you want the review to happen in LIVE time, please state so as in the example post below

For example:

Levvo - https://online-go.com/game/2141736 [LIVE]
Brutal game, it all ended up in a huge KO fight.

Wulfenia (white) - https://online-go.com/game/view/3054308
Please review the opening. Opponent used no opening theory whatsoever and lost by a huge margin due to tactical weakness. However, I cannot tell whether I reacted appropriately during the first 20 to 50 moves. I didn’t feel ahead until black started to die, but this may be because or despite the opening.

Finished Reviews

Bolded player is who the review is for.

Black Player /vs/ White Player

s2sow(13k) vs Wulfenia(10k): https://online-go.com/review/81095

Black Player /vs/ White Player
ThirdEye(14k) vs epso(12k): http://online-go.com/review/33283
Rikhon(9k) vs RheyDuce(13k): http://online-go.com/review/29130
Vicarios(17k) vs erzascarlett(14k): http://online-go.com/review/34557
flowing(14k) vs KoBa(13k): http://online-go.com/review/37026
Arcus(13k) vs homeless(8k): https://online-go.com/review/42406
Lorok(13k) vs bonamur(12k): https://online-go.com/review/48838

Teaching / Study material // Lessons

1: The Carpenter’s Squre
2: The Magic Sword of Muramasa
3: Understanding the moves you play!
4: Some funny korean trick moves!
5: The Bent Four
6: Pre-work for Lesson in Shape / Connections / Playing slow is fast / Premature Endgame / Move to the wider direction and has some commented game examples related to the lesson. (This is for teaching purposes and not set up to be a lesson in itself, there is however alot of useful information in the demo.)
7: Wtf, is go?!

Teaching Games:

Levvo vs. Basti-B(14k): http://online-go.com/review/36551
Levvo vs. Jbrush(15k): http://online-go.com/review/30693
Levvo vs. archpaladin1(11k) https://online-go.com/review/76185


Bolded player is who the review is for.

Black Player /vs/ White Player
ThirdEye(14k) vs epso(12k): http://online-go.com/review/33283
Rikhon(9k) vs RheyDuce(13k): http://online-go.com/review/29130
Vicarios(17k) vs erzascarlett(14k): http://online-go.com/review/34557
flowing(14k) vs KoBa(13k): http://online-go.com/review/37026
Arcus(13k) vs homeless(8k): https://online-go.com/review/42406
Lorok(13k) vs bonamur(12k): https://online-go.com/review/48838
Nadoss(7k) vs Samraku(8k): https://online-go.com/review/85622
ImprobableBlob(5k) vs chu.lin.5458(4k): https://online-go.com/review/149480

One color go Games Played


Game of the week

Short story:
This is a place where we’ll play games between each other then submit them for review. So every sunday/monday we will change the game hense ending the reviews. So submit a game before sunday to be able to time this well.

Game Rules:
The game will be a live game and has to be between two members of Levvo’s Corner. Time settings is up to you but they should be between 25 minutes / 3x30 byo-yomi to 60 minutes / 3x45 byo-yomi. Rule set will be Japanese scoring with 6.5 komi. And we will use handicap with reverse komi instead of stones where your live rank or average rank (whichever is higher) will be used to determine the handicap. We will use 6 points of reverse komi per rank difference. So for example a 13kyu and a 10kyu will be 3 stones difference so 6.5 - 24 so -17.5 points reverse komi. And the 10kyu will play white.

Game settings:
Japanese rules, 6.5 komi with -6 komi per player rank. (So reverse komi).

Time Settings:
25-45 min / 30-45 x 3 byo-yomi.

How to set up?
You ask anyone in Levvo’s Corner for a game with these settings. After your game post the link to the game here (by editing this post)

What’s the point?
This will help us help each other. I expect everyone to review a game at least once every other week. This way you as a player will see how other people think about your plays and how they think you could improve them. Of course you don’t have to agree but even someone 10 levels lower can sometimes point good things out. As for the reviewer this helps you find out how other people think when they play instead, so when you review try to figure out what the player really wanted and how to maybe improve that thought of theirs. If this sounds complicated just whisper me and i’ll help out. For lower level players reviewing higher level players games this is a bit like reviewing a pro game for self benefit. Since there will be so many reviews on each game everyone playing will most definitely gain something from this. Also I will try to also review the games where a strong player plays (like 5kyu +) but of course i’ll try to review every game! =D …

The Game of The Week
[Name (white) ] [Rank] vs. [Name (black) ] [Rank]: [Link to game]

AlexKrh (8k) vs. DickyBoy (9k): https://online-go.com/game/7061634

Waiting room
Top game is the game that will be put as the “Game of the week”.
[Name (white) ] [Rank] vs. [Name (black) ] [Rank]: [Link to game]

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List of old games
Any game that has been up for a week will be put here after.

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Internal Ladder in Levvo’s Corner

Points Ladder:
How do I join?
It’s simple, just challange anyone in the group that wants or already is in the ladder. And the winner of the game will report the results on the point board.

How to get points?
Challange anyone in the ladder, winner gets +2 points, loser gets +0.5 points.

How do I get into the rank battle?
To challange the high achievers (rankers) you need more points then anyone else in the group. To challange top 1 you have to be rank 2. To challange rank 2 you use all of your points collected. To challange rank 3 you use half of your points collected. This is per game.

Game settings:
Japanese rules, 7.5 komi with -7 komi per player rank. (So reverse komi).

Time Settings:
25 min / 30 x 5 byo-yomi. (This is to get a feel for normal games you play).

Ranking Ladder
How do I climb the ladder?
You can only challange the rank above you, so rank 3 can only challange rank 2 and rank 2 can only challange rank 1.

How many points do I need to challange a ranked played?
You need atleast 10 points to challange a rank 3 player, and atleast 15 points to challange a rank 2 player. And to be over-clear you will use half of your total amount of points when challenging a rank 3 and all of your points when challenging a rank 2. If you lose as a challanger you get no points back.

How often do I have to play in the ranking ladder?
You need to be ready to play atleast once per week. If you get challanged and cannot play within a week you lose per auto. (Unless its vacation time where we will freeze your position in the ladder but top player takes your place while you are away, and as soon as vacation is over you need to play a battle with the holder to see who keeps the position.

Why would I want to be rank 1?
Prestige ofcourse :wink: … And I will try to give teaching games more frequent to the top. The more you practice and put time into go, the more you will learn. So it’s only fair the people who puts more time gets more time from me. Also I will want the top 3 to in their turn give teaching games to the rest of the group. Hense the knowledge is spread to everyone. :smile:

What happens to my points when I get a rank?
You will lose all your points when you become a rank holder. However if you are rank 3 and is challanged by top points holder and lose, you get all of the points he used to challange you. This is so that you dont have to play a million games in the points ladder to get back to challange the rankings again.
On the other hand if you are eliminated from the rankings by having the top points holder challanging rank 2 and winning so you lose your rank 3 to the previous rank 2 - you will get a free chance at any time to challange the lowest ranking player. This will however only work one time. If you lose the free ranking try you will get half of the current highest point holder’s points. So you don’t have to start again from scratch.

Scenario 1: Top points holder challanges rank 2 and wins. Rank 3 is dropped from the ranking but gets a chance to challange the previous rank 2 (now rank 3) player one time without using points. If the previous rank 3 loses the game for the rank 3 position he will get half the points of the current top points holder so he doesn’t reset his progress.

Scenario 2: Top points holder challanges rank 3 with 10 points (out of his 20 he had as top points holder) and wins. The previous rank 3 player will get 10 free points to use in the points ladder.

Why would I wanna join the ranking ladder if i don’t get shineys?!
Because this is also for practice. IRL rankings in go requires you to do win after win. We will likely see a few players stay in the ranking longer then others but that also means that more people will start to learn their bad habbits and try to exploit them. Also I the ranked players will be earning prestiege points for 1: Defending their rank title, 2: Taking a rank title.

What are rank titles?
Unless we can force OGS to make this for us we will be using just symbols for each rank. And they only represent how many times you’ve won (defended) a rank title match. And this will stay with your name even if you drop out from the ranking ladder.

Huo (Fire) ㊋ Rank 1
Shui (Water) ㊌ Rank 2
Tu (Earth) ㊏ Rank 3

So it will be for example " Levvo ㊋10 ㊌4 ㊏2 "
(Ten “Rank 1” wins, four “Rank 2” wins and two “Rank 3” wins)

Do I get prestiege points if I get a rank by default?
No, if someone in the ranking freezes their account for some reason (or it gets frozen from inactivity) and you rank up (get a rank or get a higher rank if you are already ranked). You will get no victory prestiege points for it. However if you successfully defend the title, you will get the points.

What if I’m on vacation or want to take a break from the ladder?
At any time you wish you can “resign” your current rank to whomever is closest and leave the ladder. By doing so you will get a “Free pass” to challange the rank you resigned from. So if you were rank 1 and needs to go on vacation, you resign your position (giving rank 2 the rank 1 spot) and you will be moved to a freeze list where your resigned place or points will be kept for you to use at any time.

Game Settings:
Japanese rules, 7.5 komi with -5 komi per player rank. (So reverse komi).

Time Settings:
50 min / 45 x 5 byo-yomi. (This is to get a feel for real tournamet games).


The winner always reports the games by editing this post.
(Please be careful while doing so or ask someone who knows how to do it to help you).

Honorable mentions: First member to claim Huo was KoBa, First member to claim Shui was saxmaam and last but not least, first member to claim Tu was Samraku

:diamonds::diamonds: Ranking Ladder - High achievers :diamonds::diamonds:

Rank 1 ㊋ Huo-ImprobableBlob
Rank 2 ㊌ Shui-Samraku ㊋3㊌2㊏2
Rank 3 ㊏ Tu-KoBa ㊋ 3

Point Ladder
Place: [Name] [Rank] - Points [Latest points added]

1: saxmaam 15k - 10.5 [+2]
1: spatula 10k - 10.5 [+2]
3: archpaladin1 13k - 9 [+2]
3: nadoss 5k - 9 [+2]
5: Revar Isavé 8k - 8 [+0.5]
6: Wulfenia 8k - 6 [+6]
7: LostStone 18k - 5 [+2]
7: Ronik 14k - 5 [+0.5]
9. Lorok 9k - 4 [+2]
10: Overcast 22k - 3 [+0.5]
10: Burak5 13k - 3 [+0.5]
12: 3axapu 15k - 2.5 [+0.5]
13: Nghtstalker 13k - 2 [+2]
13: terr 9k - 2 [+2]
13: Levvo 1k - 2 [+2]
13: Rataridicta 8k - 2 [+2]
13: AlexKrh 10k - 2 [+2]
17: NanashiHItori 19k - 1.5 [+.5]
18: sphaso 11k - 0.5 [+0.5]
18: arielsnack 16k - 0.5 [+0.5]

Latest game added: AlexKrh vs Revar Isavé


Use the calendar below to schedule or announce your live games. Please include in description:

GAME TYPE: Points Ladder, Teaching Offer, Teaching Sought, Live Game
Any settings preferences if not ladder game
Username versus <???> for open challenge. To accept challenge, fill in your username
Username versus OpponentName for scheduled game

Send PM to saxmaam on OGS with your gmail address to share this calendar. If you look at this calendar from calendar.google.com, you’ll see events in your own time zone and should be able to schedule events. To do this easily, click the +Google icon at the lower right.

Note ladder descriptions and other Levvo’s Corner resources are described here


OceanDreams(8kyu) Vs BlueDragonSeiryu(9kyu) https://online-go.com/review/80664