Offering "Teaching correspondence games" (Join the club!) :)

Group is closed for invitations right now, but if you want to join i’ll gratually invite more people as time passes, so don’t hesitate to type if you are looking to join later on, please leave a post on this forum and I’ll invite more people as we go! //Levvo

So I’m looking for a couple of dedicated “students” to join my little corner. I love teaching but sadly I don’t have much time to sit down and do them. And those who knows me might know that I tend to spend alot of time on reviews / teaching games when I do them. So I started a new way of doing my teaching games through correspondence games. I think it gives the student some time to think through what is happening and you can go over things quite well with the analyze tool.

So I’m now looking for a couple of more people to join in, and ofcourse i’ll have some requirements for joining!

So first off I want you to want to get stronger (this involves doing tsumego for one). And this method does sadly not work very well with beginners so I think you should be around the 5k-13k range and have a decent general understanding of the game. I ofcourse welcome dedicated beginners to study with me aswell but I’d have to start them out with a long teaching game that explains what go is and how I think of go.

So i’m making this forum post to recruit some blood to my newly made group “Levvo’s Corner” - It’s a private group so if you want to join, give me a good reason for why you would like to join and slowly but surelly i’ll expand this little study group and make it into a nice community of people that want to help eachother out!

For now I’m not looking for dedicated teachers, but I dont mind people who are stronger in the group helping for example beginners that wants to improve. I want to make this into a nice little family that burns to help eachother out so it doesnt just become “Yet another chat room”. I also have quite alot of study material and I think i’ll be doing group teaching games and pro game reviews and whatnot later on aswell. This is ofcourse also a way for me to get better at go, so don’t think it’s one sided. =) I love teaching!

This is only part of the fun you’ll get to learn from when joining this group! =)

And that’s enough text for now, thanks for reading and hope to see you there! If you have any questions, let me know!

// Levvo


I am OGS 10k and am not only motivated to improve, but would also become invested in the group. Unfortunately, my rank is inadequate for most teaching, but I would be more than happy to contribute in teaching a lower ranked player if the opportunity presented itself. I don’t get too many chances in go to help another player, but I still enjoy having helped even though it’s invariably just passing along advice from Sibicky or dwyrin or a go book which I found helpful. I suppose that’s what a lot of teaching is: passing along advice from players better than oneself.

I enjoy playing go and my favorite part, as with most things I enjoy, is learning something new and then applying it successfully.

Regardless of whether or not you accept my application, best of luck with the new group.

– Samraku (10k)

I’d like a teaching correspondence game. I like the idea because I find the amount of information in a live game + review to be overwhelming. The correspondence aspect would let me chew over new information at my own pace.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Levvo, what are the requirements?

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Hello Levvo,

I love your idea, but more then that I love the fact that you are taking the initiative to make a post like this and expand your roots. That tells me that you are serious about this becoming a thing and are willing to go the distance to make it work. I would very much like to be part of this concept from the beginning as I have a feeling that you’ve thought it through very well. I might not be on the required level yet but I would be honored should you allow me to participate in your project!

Thank you for your consideration and your time!


To clarify alittle =)

I’m looking for people to join sort of a club I guess. And ofcourse I want to help you all improve but learning from people around your own strength is great too! … I’m pretty sure as you raise in ranks you will notice how most people are good at different aspects of this game. You can for example be a great strategist and get yourself to one dan, or just be a superb reader and get yourself to one dan or just play alot of games, knowing moves and whatnot. We all learn different things in our road to becomming stronger so there is always something to learn from another (even weaker) go player.

This “project” I figured i’d start because i’ve tried tons of times to just invite people and make some amazing study group that would end up ruling the world, but it tends to always die out. So this is from knowing that time is hard to come by, so we ignore time and take everything slowly and just in our own phase. As I see the future more and more people will just play games with eachother and review them together afterwords (incase of same strength) or help the weaker players in the group by giving them a game or review. I also love to just teach so even if I’m not improving my own go alot its something nice to do. =) …

So the only requirement is I guess long term comitment, I want people to just have fun and get better at go, and having friends to compete with or talk too helps alot, so I hoping to see alot of questions and different views on things.


I wrote some more to clarify, as I say there I’m not looking to just give away a teaching game but I want people to join in and help eachother aswell. Having me there will just be a bonus =) … Let me know if that still interests you!

I think i’ll take in like 3-4 people at a time and when more people feels needed we’ll add more.

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@Samraku : That sounds just perfect for me! =) I’ll send you an invite to the group and talk to you more there!

@Rataridicta : I can’t say I’ve put years of work behind the idea, but I feel it’s really hard to find people to 1: help you improve and 2: play with enough so they learn your style of play and can progress along with you. But yea strength doesn’t really matter to me atm, aslong as you’re maybe not a complete beginnier. And even then maybe someone in the group can help you start out. I’ll be sending an invite out to you aswell. =)

That sounds like a great setup where everyone will benefit. Thanks for organizing this. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m still interested.


Hi Levvo. First of all, congrats on the group to be. It’s allways hard to give the first step on a long term project, but you seem to be pretty serious about it! :clap:

I’m interested in joining the group from both sides. I enjoy giving teaching games and reviewing too, I’m playing two of those right now as correspondence games. So, even if you are too busy to play a game with me, I’d like to join the group anyway. I could play one of those with rataridicta but the difference in skills between us isn’t that much. (I’m currently 11k).

Let me know if I can join! And let me add that both saxmaam and samraku are very devoted to Go


Thanks for the kind words, legas. I’m currently playing a jubango with an opponent I met here and it’s been cool to play the same person in a series of games, and discuss them afterwards. Would enjoy more ongoing associations like that.


I’ve been studying with Levvo when I hit ~12k, and he helped me become SDK within a month. Can only recomment him as a teacher. :smiley:


Greetings Levvo,

I am interested in joining your group. I am stuck in ddk land, and have some bad habits. Truly love the game and have interested a number of people in it!

The advantage of correspondence is since I work nights and days it is hard to commit to a certain time.

Thank you so much!


I am certainly interested,

I’ve never studied go before, just kind of play my way though but I have started introducing the game to kids and I think a more analytic approach to my game would benefit everybody.

I am new to this site and hope to quickly solidify my rank, I have previously played on IGS at about 11-12k.


Hi Levvo, this sounds like a really nice project you’re starting here and I would like to be a part of it. Lately I do a good amount of Tsumego but I don’t have many chances to play commented games so I’m pretty interested in your project to get better and maybe help others in theyr way of getting stronger. I’m around 8 kyu btw. Greetings from Germany


Oh wow, so many answers! I didn’t really expect so many people to want to join in so we’ll see how I work this one out :smiley: … As I see it I have two options, either I keep my word and invite only two more people and that would probably be first come first serve. But since so many people are interested in this project we might aswell go all out and get something together. Like I said previously, I really do think having people to play with and befriend helps alot in improving. Especially at ddk level. So, i’m thinking i’ll invite all of you who have so neatly given me good reasons to join the group and put a stop on invitations after that for alittle while. Glad so many wants to join in! =)


I’d love to join too. I’m currenty around 12k on OGS (reached 7k on KGS) so I’m not sure how much help I can give. I don’t shy away from tsumegos and try to play consistently (about 1 game/day) but life gets in the way sometimes. Currently my goal is to reach 5k by the end of the year. It sounds reasonable but I must be doing something wrong because I haven’t got one stone better for the past 4 months :
I read you’re closing invitations for a while, so please consider me for next time? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, as soon things gets going i’ll invite a few more people =) … So it’s great that you’re writing here!

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