OGS 2k-6d? Opportunity to get practice opponents from Taiwan!

Hi all,

###Are you between OGS 2k and 6d? Ready to hone your skills against young players of matching levels? Looking for serious live games and reviews to improve your level? The chance is now!

I recently got in touch with Little Lin, who is a very prolific Taiwanese 6d teacher and YouTuber (click on the link to see his channel; the videos are in Chinese though). He currently teaches many students and is looking to reach out to the western Go community.

If you are interested in scheduling matches with his students, please fill out THIS FORM! :smiley: The matches will take place on OGS and we will hopefully get reviews from Little Lin-sensei himself if we are lucky. On a sidenote, I believe that Little Lin is stronger than I am :wink: I look forward to seeing more players join and potentially bringing new teaching force to the server! :heart:

Cheers, xhu98


Hi Xhu, I apply for game against little Lin, cheers

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Does anyone know how to create those google.doc questioner forms? It is just a normal survey?

@xhu98 - how about 4k? :slight_smile:

Might be difficult as availability is limited… :frowning: I have another announcement later today though!


id really like to play against a 6 dan i am about 13 kyu however i would be really greatful if you would let me play

Hi all,

I’ve decided to halt registration as there are quite a few of you signed up already :smile: We will hopefully host 10 games first on Sunday, May 14 at 2 AM UTC (10 AM Taiwan, Saturday May 13 10 PM ET)!

Hiya, first time posting,

I was wondering, do we get a notice when our games are up? Also, I’ve signed up but I have no idea if I was accepted or not.