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@Atorrante Please keep that in mind, this is the purpose of this specific thread. This is not a “links about Go” thread.

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It’s OT but to answer you about goworld: yes
And because we are OT and you already put that big pic of that book, you should add a few words:
If you like lengthly detailed and exhaustive introduction to the game, you should start with * go for beginners *(Iwamoto Kaoru). Players coming from chess for example will usually enjoy this book.

Then this “basic techniques of go” is the perfect follow-up, written in the same spirit.

Ah, OK, guess I hadn’t really understood the “OGS Community” part :wink:

But as Charles Matthews has explicitly allowed to host his book, and as @anoek was the initial creator of the first official CC PDF edition, I’d think that Charles is an honorary member of OGS :smiley:


I didn’t mean you should start it, if no one else did. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


The OGSer Noah Doss

Nowadays he seems to be posting JRPG walkthroughs or something, but a few years ago he made a good series reviewing Cho Chikun games.

Can’t find his OGS account any more, but I spoke to him in chat last year.

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I started making some ‘puzzles’ (descriptions/info/walthroughs) and actual puzzles for new players. If I keep adding to it maybe it’ll get to some beginner material that could be useful to the broad range of 25kyu+ players.

Looking at some of the set available, I feel like even the beginner puzzle sets can be a bit too much for new players trying to learn the rules.

It’s not polished or prefect or finished in any way. It just exists at the moment.

Link here https://online-go.com/puzzle/22655


I added the category “Puzzle Collections”. If there’s a better title for it, please let me know.

Everyone is welcome to keep adding. :slight_smile:


You even included Shin Jinseo’s new fuseki on that first board! :smiley:
For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODxNqOB5Hf4


Oh it’s actually the same spot! I think that was a complete accident/coincidence :slight_smile:

I started making it a few days ago (4d apparently as of now) and I posted this when there was a couple of ‘puzzles’ Does the learn to play go section need more explanations?. I think I just wanted to show that you could play anywhere including the sides and corner :slight_smile:


This book should be added

One could also classify this as a puzzle collection, but I think we should defer to the authors calling it a book.


I see it is paid content, I wouldn’t want to add something in the list that can’t be accessed for free.
Maybe I should add a disclaimer, but my intention wasn’t to advertise (although I of course support everyone’s effort).


It’s a book in the format of a paid OGS puzzle collection :smiley:


Bugcat liked this and I was also reminded of it.

I have thought about it, and I think you were right, it doesn’t hurt to add paid content.

I would still like for a paid content or some other disclaimer to be added, but feel free to add anything that fits the “OGS Community”+“Go resources” description. :slight_smile:


Bugcat liked this and I was also reminded of it.

Have I evolved into “crypto-necroing”?!


Maybe we can mark such things with a symbol, like one of these:

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I like :moneybag: and I also like how ED is seeping into the rest of the forums at this point :stuck_out_tongue:.


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I’m taking the liberty of changing the category of this thread to Go Resources, which I hope is OK.

Mark’s commentary of Shi Yue – Lee Sedol 2014.

Traveller’s program to convert SGFs to move lists.

Here are some handpicked pro games from 2015. With fourteen listed weeks and a daily rate, they are presumably 98 games there (but perhaps it was ended on a round hundred). The idea was apparently to choose unifying theme for each week.

From the thread Daily Pro Go.

Mark’s PDF book Find the Plan: A mini-series for advanced Go players

Kaworu’s midgame invasion & reduction OGS puzzle set

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I have made a go channel:

I play games on OGS and Fox(ranks around 5k-6d) and provide analysis and reviews afterwards. Also review other games by request.