OGS Community Go resources

(@trohde if anyone starts the “is he a member of OGS community” you’re on your own :stuck_out_tongue:).

(EDIT: 200+ pages? I’m glad I sorted my printer yesterday.)


How about Antons youtube channel?

Sofiam also does a go youtube channel.

I miss the category of non digital books. Ishi is in the sensei’s library, but there are also other publishers in the go world.
Is the go magazine GoWorld digitalised?


They are both in the original post. :wink:


@Atorrante Please keep that in mind, this is the purpose of this specific thread. This is not a “links about Go” thread.

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It’s OT but to answer you about goworld: yes
And because we are OT and you already put that big pic of that book, you should add a few words:
If you like lengthly detailed and exhaustive introduction to the game, you should start with * go for beginners *(Iwamoto Kaoru). Players coming from chess for example will usually enjoy this book.

Then this “basic techniques of go” is the perfect follow-up, written in the same spirit.

Ah, OK, guess I hadn’t really understood the “OGS Community” part :wink:

But as Charles Matthews has explicitly allowed to host his book, and as @anoek was the initial creator of the first official CC PDF edition, I’d think that Charles is an honorary member of OGS :smiley:


I didn’t mean you should start it, if no one else did. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: