Spindrift: Leon Chen 4p's Original Tsumego, available now on OGS Puzzles!

Hey everyone! I’m delighted to debut a new ebook, Spindrift: Leon Chen 4p’s Original Tsumego, which I’ve collaborated with Leon Chen (陳禧), Taiwanese professional 4-dan! The book, featuring 136 original tsumego puzzles of various levels and written in both traditional Chinese and English, is now available for purchase, and those who do will be granted access via their OGS account.

Order here for USD $10 / EUR €9 / GBP £7.5: tinyurl.com/spindrift2019-eng
Free preview - 5 puzzles: tinyurl.com/spindrift2019-preview
Full book - purchase & valid OGS login required: tinyurl.com/spindrift2019-book

Come check out the book and support our original content :smiley:

Every stone on the Go board
Resembles the surging spindrift
Gifted a vibrant pulse and an untethered soul
By the blue, boundless ocean

From tsumego guru Leon Chen 4p & creator Stephen Hu
A 2019 collaboration - Spindrift

136 original puzzles, 136 stories
For a boost in reading skills, or just for laughs

Available now on OGS Puzzles
Interactive ebook for USD $10 / EUR €9 / GBP £7.5

被湛藍的海水 賦予了躍動不息的脈搏

詰碁達人 陳禧 職業四段 x 棋壇鬼才 胡嘯城
2019年 首度合作 原創詰碁集《浪花》

136道創作 136篇文字故事
為你演繹 圍棋的迷幻、幽默、浪漫、勵志

交互式線上電子書 定價 NT $300 / RMB ¥69 / SGD $13.5

你 還在等什麼呢?


Thank you for your hard work :heart: great to have some original content being published here on OGS :heart_eyes:

Interesting concept to use OGS as a publishing platform.

Will/is this book also be released in other print/electronic forms?

I believe it is intended to be an OGS exclusive release.

The sample doesn’t seem to be working. I tried on Edge and Chrome.

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Are you just seeing one stone? If so, you may want to navigate to other preview puzzles via the menu in the top right corner.


Yes, just one stone. I don’t see any other links or menus on that page.

Whoops, yes I see the list. Wasn’t obvious. okay I’m set. thanks for the heads up.

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This is an awesome tsumego collection and well worth the $ - thanks xhu98 and Leon Chen 4p for releasing this!

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@flakeman2 thanks :smile:

This is a great idea! I’ll just toss another out there: has anyone considered a partnership between OGS and internetgoschool? It would be great to port the internetgoschool problems to the nice platform that OGS offers.


you’d have to ask Guo Juan :wink: