Planet (2021), my second tsumego book with Leon Chen 4p, now available on OGS Puzzles!

Hey folks! I’m thrilled to announce that my previous tsumego collaboration with Leon Chen 4p, Spindrift (2019), has now come with a sequel! This new book, Planet (2021), will contain 136 puzzles of varying difficulty, this time with an even wider range. It will be once again available on OGS Puzzles on February 12, which also happens to be Chinese New Year!

We will be releasing more information soon in this forum thread, but for now, enjoy the cover image and stay tuned for updates if you are interested in getting the book :smiley:


FULL BOOK (only accessible after order) | Now available in 中文/English

^ Note: If you haven’t completed a purchase, you won’t be able to access this page!

FREE PREVIEW Now available in 中文/English

^ Note: You may click on the puzzle name in the top right corner to navigate through the table of contents!

Each tsumego hosts its own unique planet
Like a delicate flower in a galaxy, left to be cherished in our lives
I wonder if you can hear from inside the goban
The mysterious voices that belong to a different universe?

From tsumego guru Leon Chen 4p & creator Stephen Hu
Planet (2021) - a sequel to Spindrift (2019)

136 original puzzles, 136 stories
That seek to capture every emotion on the 19-by-19 board

2021.02.12 - Chinese New Year
Now Available on OGS
Interactive ebook for USD $10 / EUR €8.5 / GBP £7.5

Why not join us in the world of tsumego
And explore the unbounded universe
Made brilliant by intertwining black and white stones?

是浩瀚星海里的花 留下來陪我們生活
在房間的微弱燈光下 你是否聽見了

詰碁職人 陳禧 職業四段 x 棋壇鬼才 胡嘯城
繼《浪花》之後 再度聯袂推出全新原創詰碁集《星球》

136道創作 136篇文字故事
將十九路棋盤的每一分感動 獻給所有圍棋人

2021.02.12 大年初一 正式於OGS伺服器發行
交互式線上電子書 定價 NTD $280 / RMB ¥65 / SGD $13.5

嶄新的一年 擺上詰棋的形狀


Chinese version of Planet is available now! Check out the links in the post above :smiley:

I’ve decided to release the English version at a slightly later date - due to Chinese New Year and birthday celebrations :wink:


Just curious why the Earth isn’t shown over China, since the book is apparently originally written in Chinese.


Didn’t find the usable textures for the other hemisphere :stuck_out_tongue:


English translations for the free preview (7 puzzles) are complete now! Feel free to check out the links in the original post.

In the meantime, we are having a limited deal for Planet and Spindrift: if you purchase both books, you can get one of them for half the price :grin:

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English version of Planet is also available now! Check out the updated links in the post above :smiley:

Almost took a month to finish - but it feels sooooo good :fireworks: :sunglasses:


Is the preview working right now? I can’t get past the first, single stone diagram.

@salerno You may navigate through the pages by clicking on the puzzle name in the top right corner (see the screenshot below). A table of contents will pop up and you can just skip to any of the puzzles.



Top-right corner of what? The puzzle is a giant black stone that appears to lead to nothing.

@Bray In the top right corner of your screen (should be right under the avatar), you can see the name of the puzzle, followed by collection, difficulty, rating and author. Click on the name of the puzzle and there will be a list that pops up.

For further convenience, here is the link to the first preview puzzle: Play Go at! | OGS

Hope this helps!

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This looks awesome! Just ordered


Fantastic :heart: Just granted access and sent you a confirmation email :blush:

Thanks everyone for the tremendous support so far! While you are digging into Planet, feel free to also check out its prequel - Spindrift, which was released in 2019. I’ve mentioned it briefly in a previous post, but if you purchase both books right now, you’ll get 272 puzzles for an overall discount of 25% (half price on the second book)!

By the way, there will definitely be more new collections in the future - the idea is to build a series of original tsumego works that people will hopefully enjoy :smiley:


Uhm, I get this:

And I’d like to purchase the bundle, i.e. both “Spindrift” and “Planet” … thanks for any assistance you can give this old man :sunglasses:

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Right, you are getting the error because the collections are only accessible to users who have purchased :smiley:

Please kindly fill out this form and I’ll send you an email confirmation once the order is processed :blush:


Thanks, @xhu98!

In the process there was a part that showed a QR code but clicked “next” too quickly … did I now miss the part where I PayPal you the money? :roll_eyes:

Looks interesting… have you considered publishing the collections with The Gobooks ap?

Their interface is really good and you can look at the puzzles and attempt to solve them off-line


It’s a possibility, I can try to talk to them and see if they are interested in publishing tsumego books :smiley:

They have quite a few in their store

Don’t worry, here is the PayPal link. Based on your order, the total amount shall be USD $15 / EUR €12.5 / GBP £11 :smiley:

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