OGS game server load issues

Just now getting red cross at group pages…

Edit: ok, looks like it’s passed

Edit 2: or not lol


Definitely borking for me. Pages are routinely coming up blank. Even after a minute or two they haven’t loaded. Name-completion sometimes doesn’t give any options…

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and clicking on the logout button produces no result either.

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I had the same issues, but seems to be OK now…

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Borked just now at a group page and in chat, also home page.


anoek’s been doing some work on new features related to groups and chat, so maybe there was something going on related to that. Seems to be OK now.


Hmm, borking-like behavior. Is OGS slow for anyone else?

Or it’s something to do with my end?

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Pretty slow with a lot of things on my end, so you’re not alone.

I’ve been getting some slowing and occasional red X’s throughout the day.

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The site seems to have been having intermittent problems ever since the database update they said they ran a few days ago.

Totally down now. Should have 18 games in progress with moves needed, I have 0. Also no games being played on the site.

Mobile API appears functional, however?

Edit 2 - and we’re back

I’m often getting the big red X (and an incorrect indication of zero ongoing games) just for visiting the main page, but refreshing seems to fix it.

However, I noticed that all of my friends appear to be offline (which seems unlikely) and the chat rooms are completely empty with no content being shown.

Here are some other reports about issues:


ogs is borking
cannot access tournament pages
the notification for games does not show up
and i have to refresh the home page to access games
what are you guys doing

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Have you guys noticed that OGS has been acting up very very frequently ever since late last year or early this year? I browse the games page and often it doesn’t load up games. Sometimes my correspondence game isn’t loading, or mid game both party gets disconnected etc. Just all around odd and not smooth experience.

If it wasn’t frequent enough I wouldn’t rant about it because it’s such a great place and free. I just don’t understand why it was functioning really great before with no issues to what we experience now. I’m assuming it’s the added features or whatnot that I personally don’t see the benefit outweigh the cost.

I’ve been a regular member since 2018 and login every day. Not sure what happened team and if things will stay this way.

I wonder if it’s truly an actual bug, or it’s just a greater server load with more new players lately.

Frequent SEVER issues?
Or Frequent SERVER issues?

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I won a game by timeout, and after that, none of my notifications or my friends, or any games are showing up

It also won’t let me create any games

Edit: this was recently part of a different topic so the link doesn’t mean anything now.


anoek has reset things to make it run smoothly again.

He’s working on addressing the underlying issue, which has massive increase in use as one of the causes.