OGS hits half million accounts mark

According to the query online-go.com/api/v1/players OGS has passed the half million account mark in the last 24 hours.

Here are some things I’ve pulled from the OGS database presented to 3 significant figures.

There have been 9.76M games at the time of typing. By rule sets there have been 8.53M Japanese (87.9%), 1.02M Chinese (10.4%), 97000 Korean (1%), 50000 aga (0.5%), 12600 nz (0.1%) and 6053 Ing.

By board size there have 4.68M 19x19 games (48%), 1.36M 13x13 games (14%), and 3.64M 9x9 games (37%). But there have also been 31000 5x5 games, 2790 7x7 games, 1516 3x3 games, and 6096 25x25 games!

About 89.7% of users have not set a flag on their profile.

There are currently 10 professional players with accounts: BIBA (9p), bigtory (9p), Crazywind (1p), Haylee (4p), kbag (1p), Mingming_Y (1p), StephanieYin (1p), Ten (1p), Yoonyoung (4p).

There are 87 people claiming to be from North Korea but some of them - bregan for example - are clearly not.

There are currently 94 Klingons, 167 from Starfleet and 508 from the United Federation of Planets and 105 Futurama fans claim to be from DOOP.

There are 151 from House Stark, but the other Houses aren’t so popular - Arryn (9), Baratheon (18), Greyjoy (28), Lannister (71), Martell (31), Targaryen (125), Tully (18), Tyrell (12).

And, shiver me timbers, there are 750 pirates! So pirates are more popular than Game Of Thrones (463) and almost more popular than Star Trek (769).


Impressive figures. OGS begins to look like Tatooine. May the Force be with you who enter this place.
Joke apart, how many of those half million accounts have been active, say, in the last month? Is it possible to get such a figure using the API?


Awesome stats, @dangermousse, thank you!

And thanks also for making me look up this:

I think I might use “shiver me RAM modules” or “Shiver me hard drive” once in a while. “Shiver me Warp drive” even better :smiley:


Nice ! Yet I still struggle to find games in the morning in european time or early afternoon

A mature content warning would have been appreciated. My heart stopped for a moment. That was just uncalled for :wink:

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Thank you for these wonderful stats. Of course, the elephant in the room is how many of these accounts are trolls?

I’m guessing a very small percentage…


Interesting details on the users.

Can you do a graph showing the pattern of growth? Does it show a typical kind of growth pattern? Is growth leveling off or does it look like it’s still going ballistic? When did the ballistic phase begin?


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The API is limited in what queries you can make*. But someone analysed the whole database a few years ago - see the OGS Player Statistics thread (OGS Player Statistics), and wrote up some results http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/gist/thouis/0f93643a8f14ff802f92

*it won’t let me make queries about ui_class for example - telling me that there is no such field even though there is - so its impossible to get a list of all the bots.


Thanks for the links, interesting figures.

I’m one of the Klingons