OGS Player Statistics

Anoek was kind enough to dump some information from the player database and let me create some plots for it. The result is here:

Opinions on this data are welcome, particularly if there’s some other piece of data that you think would be interesting to add or explore.

More stats, this time for games over the last month:


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Hello all, I’m interested in metrics, and visualization of statistics in general…

A few suggestions:

  1. Played board sizes chart… (For ranked matches). This chart would show which sizes the player has played, and how many times… (A simple bar chart, for example: 9x9: 25, 13x13: 50 times, 19x19: 25 times…
    1.1) to improve, if percentage of wins can be integrated over the bars, that would also show how successful a person is… This can also be given in a small table…

  2. As a player, when I look at another player’s profile, I would also like to see if we have played before, and our mutual statistics (how many times I have won, lost, etc).

  1. it would also be interesting to see what ranks I have played against, and my success rate for those ranks… Very similar to the board size chart in concept… Distribution chart, showing ranks and number of times user has played against that rank.

For ex: if a person is 15k. And he played 10 times against 15k, 20times against 14k, and 10 times against 16 k… Visualization of this chart would be interesting, and challenging. (Time of matches can be implemented through colors, through animation, or somehow else)

Just some thoughts in case the dev team is also interested in graphs…

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That sort of per-player breakdown might be something @sefo would be willing to add to his page at http://ogsstuffs.t15.org/

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Wow… I didn’t know about this g0t stats page. Has several pie charts. :slight_smile: and I’m one of the honorable players (for having lost 50 games). :slight_smile:

Thanks thouis.

I don’t see any graphics whatsover on this page. Not firefox or chrome. What’s wrong?

@saxmaam try with this url http://ogsstuffs.t15.org/?id=62763 (wait for the page to load)

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Very cool!

More statistics, this time about games played in the last month:

I feel like this one is less interesting, so if there’s something I should have plotted from the data, please suggest it.

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An update to the statistics (as of six months ago, I only got around to running it now):


wow. Great work and interesting statistics. Thanks for sharing.

Updated, yet again, this time with data from today (2016-02-21). The AlphaGo bump is quite noticeable.


Not from this data. That data could be sampled from OGS using the REST API, though. I might do some of that, later.

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I enjoyed these charts. Could we have some for after Glicko update? Would be interesting to see if anything’s changed.

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Great stuff. Just one thing, the term “Elo” is derived from the surname of the inventor of the rating system, Arpad Elo. So it shouldn’t be capitalised like an initialism.

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