OGS userbase stats - 2020 edition

A few years ago, I posted an analysis of the OGS userbase, looking at trends in growth (OGS Player Statistics). I recently returned to OGS, and asked Anoek for an updated DB to run an updated analysis, which he graciously provided.

New stats/plots are here:

Overall trends are roughly similar: growth has been consistent and healthy. About 2000 new users sign up on OGS each week, and about 5% of those will remain active beyond a year.


Nice! One thing we know is that a significant number of the registrations are spam bots, which contributes to the apparently high lossage. fwiw


I should probably just throw out all the “registered and never came back” accounts at the beginning of the analysis.


We just need moar nicotine to keep em comin bax

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Good to have you back. I think you were the one who inspired me to make my own graphs long time ago.