OGS is borking again

Empty home page, games don’t load, chat doesn’t load, the usual.

Live, OGS, live.


Can confirm this is happening to me too.

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I freakin love OGS, but yeah - yesterday and today same as described by the OP. The worst part is that I was leading a 9d by 85 points, but it timed out and now there’s no record of the game!</poker face>


I can get to games or PMs but nothing else. Server error 500s.

The light is faltering! Send a fresh batch of 30 kyu!


Yeah. Right in the middle of a game. And I think I’m getting better, the kyu thing said it was up to 12 kyu the other day, but then I lost a few games and it’s back down to 14 kyu.
Hello again S Alexander I think we’ve played before.
I’d really like to get better. Also I like to kill pieces for fun a lot. I like to get high listen to music and play go. Fun thing to do.

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@anoek is working on it. Apparently the server needs to be kicked (his words).


We are sending them, but it seems one got stuck… We should have gotten rid of the tube mail system and use a service lift…

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Hello Go enthusiasts,

Having started playing Go 3 days ago, I’m trying to get the hang of this site, but I have many problems when trying to play normal / blitz games.

More often than not, but particularly with 19x19, the site will put me in a permanent loading screen (https://imgur.com/a/hmFwW59), give me this error 502 (https://imgur.com/a/ywfp1pX) or show me a red cross with no error message (cannot find it at this time, will edit the message or add another one to the thread if it shows up again).

When I am finding myself in this situation, I can’t : play - try to log out - explain the situation in the chat / personal message to my opponent - resign. I can go to other websites seamlessly so this isn’t a problem on my end. Also tried on different browsers, still no solution.

I have seen many instances of this issue in the forums (e.g.: Error 502 Bad Gateway) but no solution afaik.

Today, this made my opponent wait 20 minutes in front of his screen because I could not do anything…

But the site was not down at that time according to isitdownrightnow.com.

So am I doing something wrong ? Is there a fix for this situation ? What should I do when this happens ?

Thank you in adance.

Well I think that parts of the site were down for different people, and while the entire site might not have been down, this part may have been down causing you to be unable to do anything.

It seems to be working fine for me although I have not played heavily lately. My one correspondence game seems to be fine though…

By the way, I really like the new bouncing OGS “ball” that appears on startup now.


Getting slight inconsistent borks here and there (home page, group page). Anyone else?


Edit: now it’s 502

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Also in tournaments. Haven’t gotten 502 yet.

Edit: Now I can access everything except tournaments(well a certain tournament that I want to look at).

Edit 2: Now it is being annoying again.

Edit 3: It keeps going off and on and so I am going to stop updating this post.

I get this up on the group pages and a blank page when trying to load user profiles.

I can’t go to my home page and see my games.

Oh wait it’s fixed.

Wait no it’s not.

Ok I guess I’ll stop saying this its starting to get a little spamming.

@kingkaio, just edit 1 post to make it more compact. It is going back and forth, and so I just gave up on doing that too because I would come on here, write it, navigate around for a little bit, and then coming back to change it.

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Should be better now, sorry about that. Feel free to report if it caused you some timeouts. :worried:

Definitely feels better, thanks!