OGS June Team League

Danjosely vs Battleprez

There are 47 game entries in the table, but all in all there should be 60 games right? So a lot of games are missing from the table …

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Oh right, my bad.

I’m wondering which games are missing from the table, and have they already been played or not?

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OGS Team League BattlePrez vs danjosely (danjosely W+R).

I’ve done my job, lose three un-winnable games and win two even chance ones.

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The game between waya_bimily and me was rescheduled to today but I forgot to update the table. Gonna share the game link as soon as the game starts


Only @Samraku and @ngothonghy for me to play now.

Please get in touch~

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Are we interested in a team game, like a Ren game, but more than 2 players taking turns? Understanding OGS does not support this feature, but we may be able to get around by posting the move position in the league chat

Hard to agree on a schedule if more than 2 players per team participate.

Or we just set up a time and form two teams based upon whoever shows up, as a closure party event for June league


Does anybody know how many and which games are left? (I’m pretty sure not all games have been played yet.)

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48 games played. Would that be total 60 with 12 left?


Yes, assuming that all finished games were added to the table. At least we know that at most 12 games are left :sweat_smile:

I hope @Samraku is alright and we’ll hear from them soon.

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I haven’t played my game with AVAVT. Last weekend I tried to schedule the game but they were busy.

My last two opponents, including Samraku, never showed up.

Samraku is around but apparently didn’t wish to finish the league.

Should we wrap up the june team league? Would be awesome if we could start organising the august team league, if people are interested. I am motivated :slight_smile:


Yes, shall we create some polls?

Another question is how to resolve and conclude the june team league, but that seems less important to me than moving onwards to the next league. I enjoyed the teams format :slight_smile:

Yep, I am ready for the next round. we don’t have to wait till all the games are complete. things happen. we can have some timeout rule this time so we know when the league ends.