OGS team league proposal

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Would you like to discuss an OGS team league?

I’m surprised I couldn’t find any old threads on this subject.

I had an idea for a format, in which there would be two types of team.

Small format. This is made up of four members:

  • a dan
  • an SDK
  • a DDK
  • at least one reserve

Large format. This is made up of six members:

  • a dan
  • a 1–5k
  • a 6–9k
  • a 10–15k
  • a 16+k
  • at least one reserve

The teams would play against each other in a round robin, or some kind of Swiss depending on participation. In small vs small and large vs large matches, every active player would play his opposite on the opposing team. The team with the most wins in the match would win that match and receive a point.

In a large vs small match, the large format team would field their 1–5k against the opposing SDK and their 10–15k against the opposing DDK.

The games would be played at a 45m + 5 x 45s time control (or at least 30m + 5 x 30s), with a round having two weeks time in which to complete.

Sound interesting?


Large format look more attractive small format more doable (and possibly more teams). Would we use handicap or handicap-1?

My idea was that the large vs small protocol would allow us to mix large and small teams.

So it would be possible to enter as a small team of only four people and later develop into a large one.

I didn’t really think about handicap. Certainly a handicapped league would be a rather different thing to an even-game one.


There is quite some chance to get large difference sometimes so to have quite predictable results.

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Another thing is to arrange a system (live) with enough probability that everyone can agree on a time to play.

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Yeah, there would probably have to be suggested playing slots.

eg. 18:00 UTC+0 for Europe, and another one for America, like 20:00 EST (13:00 UTC+0)


Sounds like a good idea. Any Go site should have some regular league and tournament games.

My only hesitance is to play those Europeans due to time difference, but should be able to manage

I’m playing in a team league at the moment. It is organised by the Chilean Go Federation. It has been fun.

This sort of thing requires more effort than an ordinary league or tournament, but it also has some benefits. It obliges participants to get organised and to communicate regularly with other team members.

An OGS wide team league might be tricky due to time zones.


depends on the interest, maybe it can be a league by nations or time zones, then a champion league, sort of like UCL.


Or it could be played by correspondence instead of live, maybe that would make it easier. The trouble would be that some games would drag the thing out. Maybe correspondence with an absolute time setting to make sure all games for each round finish before a certain date?


I am not playing correspondence games, not real game. :crazy_face:


Me too now, but OGS has deep roots and many players in correspondence games. Should be by far still the most popular.

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I’m interested but only live

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My vision is a live league.

Correspondence doesn’t really have kibitz culture. A live league could be streamed, for instance.


Modeled after the lichess 4545 league? If so I’m 102% in with a 2% margin of error. Each game in a match would be scheduled independently, right? I think the lichess 4545 league has proven that can work.

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Each game in a match would be scheduled independently, right?

That’d be the idea. We’d just encourage people to consider timeslots like 18:00 UTC+0 and 18:00 EST (13:00 UTC+0), as some foundation for scheduling.

Games could be played at any time or day in the fortnightly round session. That session could even tighten up to a week if the league really teethed in.

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up for it?

  • sure sounds comf

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What about CST and Australia time?

Australia is UTC+8–11.

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