OGS team league proposal

Means Utc 18 is AEST 4am?

Since this is an OGS league, guess I can safely assume participants all have up to date ranks, so I would prefer to play all games as ranked ones.


a thought on this matter: perhaps we should use this against other servers as well for superiority and or power.

that or just " fun and friendliness reasons"


Another example of organization (online)
Smaller teams of 3 (1 Dan level+2 not Dan)
4 rounds


So, we have five players interested.

If a sixth player joins then we can split into two teams (no need for reserves yet) and make a group.

Then see where it goes from there…

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We will be founders of the league. Later participants will have to pay us to join.


I am interested



Happy to have you~ :3



Heheheh don’t reveal my tactics!

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We have, then, seven bold combatants.

In order of current OGS rank:

player rank
martin3141 4d
drifterwolf 1k
Samraku 2k
bugcat 3k
jiveo 6k
Jakob 8k
Gia 21k

Let’s assume for the moment that we remain at seven.
As director, it’s my place to sit out and leave us with two teams of three.

We don’t have enough rank variation to fill the dan, SDK, and DDK slots at this point.

How about if Team 1 takes the dan (Martin) and the DDK (Gia), and Team 2 (the SDKs) face off against them at handicap?


Team 1 Team 2 Handicap?
martin3141 4d drifterwolf 1k Y
Jakob 8k jiveo 6k N
Gia 21k Samraku 2k Y

Alternatively, I could play for both teams.


Team 1 Team 2 Handicap?
martin3141 4d drifterwolf 1k Y
bugcat 3k Samraku 2k N
Jakob 8k jiveo 6k N
Gia 21k bugcat 3k Y

Just two ideas – let me know what you think.


I like option 2 :slight_smile:

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Would that be 5 stones to play martin3141? I will destroy him. :rage:

Why are you so angry?

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At a stone / rank (H = ΔR) 4d–1k would be played at four stones.

H = ΔR = four stones

H = ΔR – 1 = three stones

H = 3/4 x ΔR = three stones

H = 2/3 x ΔR = 2 2/3 = three stones

H = 1/2 x ΔR = two stones

So I would tend to advocating three stones, but this isn’t something I feel needs to be bashed out now.

I dont know. get fired up. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, if you really want to do it, you probably want to promote it on the site for 2-4 weeks.

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Didn’t look at this thread yesterday so I missed the poll. I’m up and hope I’m in time.

If I’m allowed to join I’ll play as monodromy


Oh, I forgot about terrific!

In that case, we’ll have eight people and we can split into either two teams or three.

terrific (monodromy) is 4d.

  • A two-team configuration:
Team 1 Team 2 Handicap?
Martin3141 4d terrific 4d N
Samraku 2k drifterwolf 1k N
jiveo 6k Jakob 8k N
Gia 21k bugcat 3k Y
  • A three-team configuration:
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Handicap?
Martin3141 4d terrific 4d drifterwolf 1k T1 to T3 and T2 to T3
bugcat 3k (1) Samraku 2k jiveo 6k T1 to T3 and T2 to T3
Jakob 8k Gia 21k bugcat 3k (2) T1 to T2, T3 to T1, T3 to T2

The two-team format would be a simple, single match.
The three-team style would be a three-cornered tournament with each team playing each other team.

Which idea sounds better?

I’d personally prefer the three-team setup.

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Why is bugcat playing at third board for Team 3? I’d be interested in their matchup against Team 1’s second board. :wink:


That game already took place two years ago :D

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