OGS not showing opponent played?

I was playing against my opponent, we were both in last period of byo-yomi (20s/move). At some point though, the timer of my opponent disappears. No move is played though. So I wait a bit thinking OGS had lagged or something. After 2-3seconds, his move appears along with a “Black wins by timeout” sound (I was white). Game was pretty over with white ahead by 12.5 pts too. And that game demoted me to 1d :angry:

Is there something going on with OGS servers? If not, what can players do when that happens? This is very frustrating (vpond888 vs. GoingForGold link to game)

I can only recommend to refresh page in browser when in doubt, its likely you got disconnected from server. (because server or because your internet)

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The annoying thing is that you don’t really notice. Cause you’re looking at the board trying to count/read. You don’t bother looking at your opponent’s clock constantly. Like, in that case, 2-3 seconds after noticing I was timed out. It’s just frustrating. Not a programmer, but isn’t there a way to display a message when a disconnect like that happens or refund some of the time after the disconnect (especially in lower time setting games)?

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Cause if it’s a “dropping the connection” issue. Why did it immediately know the second I lost the game and displayed the move then without me needing to refresh?

I always create game with 2 periods of byo-yomi
If opponent wastes one of his byo-yomi periods, I refresh. So I always will have at least 1 full byo-yomi period left if that happens.

Saying “this server’s super buggy with byo-yomi so refresh every time your opponent uses a period” is hardly a solution. Not only does that mean you play with less time, but also that you need to focus on refreshing every period or so.

However, in the game scenario, it happened during a byo-yomi period. So even that wouldn’t have prevented the issue. Just feels so bad to lose that way. Then there’s the “this game was over, you had won” confirmation. And the demotion on top. All that since OGS can’t get a clock right (from what you’re saying, there are at least 2 different “clock disappears” issues)

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problems with connection are more likely on our end than on the end of OGS and its rare.

OGS developers needs to create clear warning that “you are disconnected”.
if server will send you signal every second
and your offline copy of page of OGS will try to get that signal every 2 seconds and it fails, it needs to display this.


Yeah, like some kind of timer that needs to be “reset” by the server every 1 or 2 seconds by asking the local client what the last move played was (for example). Which also checks for the byo-yomi period glitch (where clock sometimes stops displaying time after a period of byo-yomi is used) or else we assume something’s wrong. Ngl, scared of playing again and getting robbed by OGS again

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Surely a moderator can annul the game so it at least doesn’t count as a loss? I agree with your suggestions, it is kind of an odd problem

They certainly can - if anyone is keen enough to see that happen (if it hasn’t already) all they have to do is report it and explain.

Bitching about getting robbed won’t be helping though…


Wow, no need to be an ass. In this post I

  1. Inquired if anything was wrong and explained the problem
  2. Upon someone’s suggestion, I said “doesn’t really apply”
  3. Upon another suggestion, I say “doesn’t apply. OGS should really fix the clock”
  4. Suggested a way to fix the issue and said “yeah, it’s impactful not only for the past game but for all future games as well since I’m worried it might happen again”

That’s bitching?! How the hell are you supposed to raise awareness about a problem then?


That would have been a wonderfully calm and rational thing to say.

What you actually said was:

I get it. You’re cross. You were bitching about it. It’s frustrating when things don’t work perfectly.

But it doesn’t motivate me to help fix it now that I’m a “robber” and OGS is “the bad place that steals your hard earned gains”.

Actually OGS is a great place, with very active community and volunteers making it happen, who all care a lot that things work the best way possible. The purpose of my post was to remind you about that - remind you who you are complaining to, when you complain here. OGS isn’t some abstract company that doesn’t care what you say. It’s us. We rarely “stick up for ourselves”, we just get on and fix things, but from time to time something needs to be said :slight_smile:



Yeah. I expressed a feeling. I do feel robbed of that win. It feels like I had a win and then because something happened, I don’t have that win anymore. The product had a glitch, it happened. I never said OGS sucks, has a bad community and volunteers or that people don’t care. Just said there was a glitch with the clock/move display which, on one instance, stopped functioning and was wondering if there had been a bug with OGS servers.

The same way I can say that a car brand that has a faulty speed indicator costed me a ticket. I don’t mean the car brand is garbage or is “the bad car brand that steals your hard earned money”. Just that “hey, there’s a bug there. Makes me scared of driving close to the speed limit, the car might get me to have another ticket”.

Saying that the users are bitching when they report a bug like that… THAT I’ll say it looks bad on OGS to have a community reacting that way (albeit, it’s just one person in that instance). Don’t take things personal, read the line, go like “crap… this is how users feel when it happens. And another user chimed in to say they’re having to put specific rules to circumvent another bug related to the same issue. For each person that speaks out, there’s a bunch of others that don’t… There’s really a problem there”.

I know OGS isn’t a big company. Hell, nothing in all the posts is a complain. Except for that one line. Which isn’t even a complain, just a “you guys have an issue, that’s how people feel when it happens”. Big deal. So don’t take things personally, stop seeking harm (or bitching) when there is none and you’ll be much happier (and much nicer to talk to)


“We see there has been a miscommunication here and we’re taking care of it.”


Let’s all be nice, eh?
(That includes myself also, just to be clear.)

Also, I have never understood the widespread anglosaxon rhetoric (ab)use of the word for “female dog”, sounds misogynist and speciesist to my ears :slight_smile:


This is something you could work on.
You lost a game because of a glitch. It’s unfair. It’s frustrating. But it’s just a game on a online platform. You can’t be harmed by that.
If your frustration for being “demoted” is that big, I suggest a hug and some cake.

You’re assuming that the glitch was on OGS side.
Do you know how many “men in the middle” there are between your index finger and OGS server?
Which “product” had a glitch?
Your device?
Your connection?
Your internet provider?
Any Internet node along the path?
How can you be absolutely sure that it’s OGS fault?

It will.
Nobody will really be hurt by that.
It’ll happen again just because there’s too much stuff involved and you can’t control them all, neither could any free game server.


did you read messages above?
it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is
there are additional protection measures that OGS can implement but didn’t.



There are a million things we didn’t do yet.

That doesn’t mean bitching about it is going to help.

My observation was simply to point this out.

It’s interesting that one person is allowed to “express their feelings” about a thing that happened, but another person (me) is not allowed to express my feelings about that… this is criticised as “being defensive”.

Well, sure. And the original was the “offensive” that caused it…

It’s amusing that the offensive person is very reluctant to admit that they were bitching, while simultaneously asserting the right to do it - so reluctant that they rephrased their own words to make them sound better.

They were bitching. I get it - server errors are frustrating. But bitching gets annoying for the people on the other end of it. If you catch one of those people (me) on the wrong day, I’m going to briefly pause from taking it on the chin and say something.

I don’t think a reminder that “the people on the other end of the forum and the label OGS are people too” is a bad thing from time to time.

It’s kind of like when you road rage at an infuriating driver in front of you … then find out it’s your Mum. People in other cars are people, and so are the people on the other end of the forum.



why someone ever need to use this word?


I don’t understand the insistence to use


And also double down on it. About 10 more times.

There’s “we are volunteers, we want our efforts to be recognized” and then there’s “we see offense everywhere unless we are revered”.

Sometimes I report things I see; sometimes I think “what mood will they be in today and can I sugarcoat absolutely every vowel and consonant today to report a thing,” and just don’t bother.

I’m actively discouraged to report things. Y’all might consider this worth amending something, you might not.

Just my two cents.