OGS Notifier plugin for Chrome

Of course, that is the nature of such things.


I have just updated nova notifier for the new API. It works as usual because I changed just one line with the URI to read new notifications.

You can download new extension from my github:


Oh, what a surprise :smiley:

Thank you — muchly appreciated, @scubakid!

Nevertheless … would inclusion of the games on the beta server be possible?

(And I still :heart: you, @Traveller :wink: I guess I must be polyamorous and I extend my above offer to @scubakid, too :smile:)

Regards, Tom

BTW, the page is named “nova notifier” … would it be possible to adapt the name to the new OGS?

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And it works < happy >

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I’m just happy to see progress.

I’ll pull the change into my repository just to stay current.

Thanks, @scubakid!

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Original author has added that change to his repository.

I’ve brought the changes to mine and everything tests out.

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So … after a few months of using it I must say this extension has become indispensable for me :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

Greetings, Tom

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Now that we can use https … would it be possible to make that an option in the plugin? Can I do that myself somewhere in my copy of the plugin?

Hey everybody,

I’ve just been notified by @prozz that they have updated the OGS Notifier Plugin for Chrome, and it uses https now <happy>

Dziękuję, piękne! :heart:



Yes, I want to revive this topic :smiley:
OGS has grown meanwhile, and old threads may be overlooked.

IMHO this extension is a must-have if you use OGS and Google Chrome! I don’t know how many correspondence games I’d have lost on time otherwise … whenever I turn to my browser, the place where the icon sits is the first I look at :smiley:


And I hope to have this extension in the Chrome Store soon.


The OGS Notifier Chrome Extension is now available from the Chrome Store.

I hope y’all find it useful.


Hello @Traveller,

I have noticed that the OGS Notifier seems to have stopped working for me … it always shows “9” while meanwhile I’ve had 11 and 13 games where moves of mine were due … is it just me? Is there anything I can do for troubleshooting or diagnosis?

I’d love to have this work again since I depend on it so much :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report.

I will look into it.

ETA: I hadn’t realized how long that has been out there.


@Traveller And time to change the plugin logo :wink:

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Also true. I’ll include updated graphics before I publish.


I am relatively new here and was beginning to wonder if any kind of notification software existed. Thank god this thread popped up again. Today is now officially awesome :grin:

Thank you to everyone who worked on this!


Would it be possible to port it to Firefox?

Woah, this Plug-in is great!

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So, @kickaha, @Seferi, @Kabootle, does actually it work for you? B/c then I must search for why it stopped counting correctly for me … still stuck at “9” :open_mouth: even after several relaunches of Chrome.