OGS Notifier plugin for Chrome

Hello all,

I thought it would be wonderful to have a little menulet or app or something that notifies one if the number of games where I am to play changes, comparable to Dragon’s Breath for DGS ([see thread about this on L19, GitHub source link available there). Any takers? :smiley:

I’d be ready to pay up to 5 € for such a thing :slight_smile:

Greetings, Tom

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The new API (which you will all get to play around with in the beta coming up in a few days) will be perfect for this.


I’d even be happy if the http://online-go.com/games page would show me the number of “green” games in the tab (page title, isn’t it?), like “:yin_yang:OGS (3)” instead of just “:yin_yang:OGS” … would this be possible?


Do you use Chrome? Prozz made an app the gives you the count of the number of moves you need to make. If interested I can try to find the link where he posted it when I get home.


Thank you, @Tom_Newman!

I searched and quickly found it here: https://github.com/prozz/ogs-notifier, will install and try and give feedback here!

Greetings, another Tom :slight_smile:

We should definitely get prozz to update that for the new api.

So … here it is: very nice, but to be honest, I’d rather have something that changes my tab since I have fewer tabs than Chrome plugins with icons 8-), and in the tab it would definitely be more prominent.

But well, “never look a gift horse in the mouth” :wink: so … thanks again!

Cheers, Tom

So… after using it for almost a day I like the prozz “OGS Notifier” even better.

Meanwhile I (somewhat) changed my mind about preferring it in the tab (because this means I need to keep an :yin_yang:GS tab open) … but what I really would like is if it would notify me of changes via the OS X notification center, or with a popup or something, perhaps even with a sound … perhaps the stone click sound of OGS?

@prozz … where are you < sob >

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User prozz finally replied to my query on github:

As I understand it, github is for code sharing, and thus this is open … right?

So, could anybody who is code-savvy take up the task to update this wonderful little plugin? You’d make this old man very happy < plink plink > :wink: I’d even donate $5 via PayPal :smiley:

Greetings, Tom

I use OGS, Chrome, and Github.

I’ll look at what is there and see if I can easily implement it now that OGS 4.0 is live in Production.


I’ve created a fork and will be reviewing the code over the next few days.

Location: https://github.com/Traveller42/ogs-notifier

I will send a pull request to prozz if I get something working.

Watch this space, or visit the Github page.



@Traveller, I think I love you :smiley:

Nice glider¹, BTW (yes, I know that now it’s also a hacker emblem); reminds me of some time in the early 70s when I read about Conway’s Game of Life in a “boys’ book” and played it using cardboard Go stones from the legendary German Go set of Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg :smiley:

Greetings, and thank you!


¹ For those who don’t know about John Conway’s Game Of Life, this is the Glider:

(apparently you’ll have to click it since it doesn’t seem to show the animation here)

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I’ve looked at the code and the OGS API.

I am now fairly sure it can be done.

Now, I just need to do it in a way that doesn’t annoy the OGS Devs.

It might take me a bit as I haven’t actually done any JavaScript or Chrome development before. I may be able to use some of the existing code, but I may have to re-write most of it. (Even if I only so I understand fully all that is happening.)


I’m sure @anoek and @matburt will welcome this—and perhaps give you any necessary extra information :smiley:

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We don’t mind it at all (that’s why we released an api!)


But a poorly written app could be quite annoying to the operations staff.

I will endeavour to avoid that. :slight_smile:


Uhm, @Traveller, hope it’s not asking too for much, but, now that the beta site is back up again (see here), would it perhaps be possible to add games played there, too?

If you should ever travel to the Lüneburg Heath I’d invite you you a beer, or three :slight_smile: (or whatever you prefer) (I even have a nice little guest room where you could stay a few days, and we could play a game of Go. I’ve met other nice Go players this way before :smile:)

We’ll see

I may use the beta site for testing before releasing the thing.

Thanks for the offers, I’ll keep them in mind. This year is already planned with a visit to London and Dublin, but one never knows.


As long as you guys remember that beta can be anywhere between totally broken and somewhat untested. We also reserve the right at any time to purge data and muck with stuff at will on that system including user data