OGS Puzzles: Workshop & Laboratory

Since a few months I have been adding puzzles to the OGS Puzzles tab. By doing so I learned a lot about this puzzle program. And I am still learning.

The Documentation and FAQ chapter on Puzzles is a good place if you are starting to use the puzzle program, but there is more.

This topic aims at providing a place where go players who are using this program can share their experiences, ask questions and learn from other’s solutions.


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There are a few things I wonder about;

  • Why is player colour on the setup page?
    To me it seems more logical to have this option on the moves page, because with player colour you assign the colour of the first move of the puzzle solution (which is situated on the moves page).

  • Player colour: is a one click colour switch not more conveniently than having to select black or white when you want to switch?

Some points about the Puzzle Program:

  • it would come in handy if puzzle number also appears on the moves pages
    If you are entering a string of puzzles, sometimes you forget which one you are working on.
  • to me it feels logical to have the player colour on moves page.
  • category on the set up page: what can you do with it?
  • is it possible to make a setting for a complete collection?
    For example the difficulty is usually 12 k. And if you have to change that every time you create a new puzzle … sigh.
  • is it possible to change permanently the number of collections presented on the my puzzles-page?
    Standard is 10, but 25 and 50 are also possible (but if you change it, it will revert to 10 again if you leave thge page).
  • it seems to me that searching for specific puzzle author is not possible. That is a pity because if you find a nice collection you might also be interested in other collection posted by that puzzle author.

Not complaing, discovered some work arounds.


Is it possible to merge different puzzle collections?
And if so, how?

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I would like it if there was an option to place stones in black/white order when first setting up the puzzle, before moving on to the variation tree page. Currently, you can only place black or white stones til you click on topright and change the stone color. Some tesuji and life&death problems have their roots in fuseki and josekis and some puzzles can be about fuseki/whole board positions. When creating such puzzles, it’d make relaying the initial position a more bearable and productive activity for the puzzlemaker.

Another good addition would be a study tree/comment section for the solvers like on https://www.101weiqi.com/. but I don’t know how hard that would be to code/implement or if everyone wants solution/resistance trees or comments for the puzzles.

The option to search with puzzle author name would be nice as well.


I created a work around for this by adding my name to the puzzle collection title.

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You can do this with the shift-key. Hold and let go of shift and it will swap colors.

Oh that’s why it worked :man_facepalming:

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Wow, thank you so much - You have no idea how much time and annoyance.this saves me.


In the Joseki Explorer it is possible to play tenuki.

This possibility doesn’t exist in the Puzzles section for obvious reasons.
But the Puzzles section is also used for creating collections of joseki’s.
And in joseki’s sometimes tenuki’s are being played.

Of course the Puzzles section is not meant for joseki collections (or how to play go tutorials), but it would be great if this feature would be implemented.
The work around (playing a stone somewhere else and writing in the caption that this move is tenuki) is easy, but it looks a bit clumsy.

I would love the tenuki-option in Puzzles.

Iirc, one of the tsumego in Go Pro Yeonwoo’s videos requires a tenuki. The one Lee Changho found difficult.

edit: This one: [Life&death] #1 God of Baduk Lee-Changho 9dan professional player even couldn't solve this - YouTube

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